by HappySqueak, September 18, 2016

This article contains some visual image spoilers and some story notes of various dramas.

Alright ladies and gents! These are my top 10 making-a-move gestures by dashing drama guys (Male Leads and 2nd lead Oppas) in Dramas and Films alike. Enjoy!

Move # 10 - I will watch you from a distance.

This move is not usually discovered by female lead (though it might happen in some dramas.)
I occasionally find this move a little creepy, especially when our lead has not yet confessed his interest and admiration for our leading lady. He instead watches her from afar. It’s not meant to be depicted as stalker-ish, so we usually let this one slide. We instead chalk it up to unrequited love, a crush, shyness or plain old bewilderment in not fully understanding his own feelings quite yet, so he just needs to see what she’s up to...from a distance.

Images from Love O2O



Move # 9 -Cool collected Sarcasm

While this might not be everyone’s favourite approach, those stoic, arrogant, rich boys are well known for tossing around some underhanded insults at our sassy, but determinedly strong, leading ladies. The leading lady usually takes it in stride and dishes it back with an equally insulting comeback to knock him down a few pegs and make him re-analyze his opponent (aka future love interest.)

Images from Bride of the Century



Move # 8 The Rescue Twirl Hug

In this scenario, the female lead ends up clasped in our handsome Oppa’s arms! Sometimes in a semi dipped pose or close hug after the dramatic twirl away from danger, such as a speeding car, motor bike, or run away cart. It breaks the touch barrier in one quick move and this close proximity leads them to come to terms with surfacing feelings that are beginning to brew.

Image from Cinderella and Four Knights. It happens so fast that even with slow motion, it can be a dreamy blur!




Move # 7 The Stare Down Smoulder

While not as withdrawn as the ‘Watching-You-From-A-Distance,’ this move is more personal and in the face of the female lead. The male lead’s growing attraction to her, has him gazing fondly and with desire, at our leading lady. Sometimes nothing will be said at all, the eyes carry the emotion and let us in on his deeper feelings for her, oftentimes with a whole lot of smoulder! And often a kiss might follow this move.

Image from New Tales of a Gisaeng – Thanks Sung Hoon oppa


I really want you stare down by Kang Ha Neul.
Image from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


Move # 6 – The Piggy Back Ride

Corny, cute! Call it what you will, but sometimes the female lead needs to get from point A to point B...but simply isn't able to due to her drunken state, injured foot, or bad road conditions. Leave it up to a handsome Oppa to step in and lend his back. These second lead Oppas show us how it's done and win some viewer points!

Image from She was Pretty


Image from Marriage not Dating


Move # 5 – Wrist Grab

He’s either ticked her off and she’s ready to storm away now, or she’s preoccupied and needs to get away from him quick... Either way, rather than letting her go about her business, a confident male lead wastes no time in seizing her wrist, most of the time rather forcibly, usually causing her to be yanked back and turned to face him. We are all familiar with this move, so here is a doubled up wrist grab

Next is the moment where we hear something dramatic from him.

Image from Myung Wol the Spy


Occasionally, we are treated to a three-way wrist grab in the event of love triangles.

Image from The Heirs


Move # 4 The Hug from behind

The classic, 'I’m not letting you leave' move, is short and sweet. It usually captures our female lead by surprise, in a position where she’s not ready for it, or not sure what to make of his gesture at this time.

Once again, here are our Second-Lead-Syndrome fellas to show our female leads some sweet affection.

Image from Cunning Single Lady



Image from Sunny Happiness


Move # 3 Hand to the Wall

Jeepers! At this point, it seems like our male leads and second lead oppas are trying to cut off all avenues of escape for our female leads. With the hand to the wall move, he closes in on her personal space one dramatic step at a time, usually blocking her from being able to directly leave. He forces her to walk backwards in an unsettled retreat. Next he’ll lean in close and either whisper something saucy, some kind of order he expects her to follow, or something sarcastic until she wards him off and exits the scene.

Here we have some hand to wall examples:

Hand to the wall – Heroine Disqualified


Hand in a sling to the wall Beautiful Gong Shim



Two hands to the wall Pinocchio


Hand to a tree branch nice effort Ji Soo.... Hand to a post (nice recovery) – Angry Mom



Hand to a fence – Second to Last Love



I gotta hand it to them! We really like this move.

Move #2 The Confession

Sometimes there is nothing more direct than a great love confession, as short as it might be. Though the timing is usually awkward and misplaced in some scenarios, where it might be hard for our female lead to accept the confession due to her circumstances. We usually know they will end up together, but at this point of the story, it’s so nice to hear. The male lead has summoned up the courage to finally tell her like it is. And usually, it’s simply put, but effective enough, to stir the heart of the female lead and viewers alike. “I like you.” "I love you!" ooOooh! So moving and dramatic!

Images from Shining Inheritance:




Move #1 The Kiss

Yay kisses! Leading the pack of kissing is that burning first kiss that we’ve been building up to. Even if she slightly resists here, it is so passionate, heart fluttering, and one of the most memorable moments from a Drama.

Images from Big

Here Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung share a kiss. However in this scene, we see Gong Yoo's character after his soul has swapped bodies with the senior from high school, Kyung Joon (played by the cute Shin Won Ho). This incident happens after a car accident which results in both guys nearly drowning. Leaving Kyung Joon's body in a coma, while his soul has been swapped into the handsome Yoon Jae's. Confused?? I hope not lol! 
Kyung Joon, in her fiancé's body, agrees to dress up in wedding attire for posed pictures as keepsake for her. Due to the unusual situation, and that they can never explain the body switching to anyone, this was meant to be closure for her. They were set to part ways shortly after, but when Kyung Joon realizes that she would be seeing her fiancé and not him in the photo memories, a little bit of envy flares up! He then takes matters into his own hands, or lips so to speak, by grabbing her close and kissing her passionately! She tries to resist him...but that doesn't really work out for her.  


He then proceeds to tell her to 'Treasure it' as it is his (Kyung Joon's) first kiss! Too sweet.


This is who he is, but not who she sees.and only when he does something outrageous does she  look past Yoon Jae's appearance and see the essence of Kyung Joon! Who both irks and attracts her. What an odd love triangle.


This made way for more memorable kisses as the story progresses.


Okay most drama kisses might be the result of a 'Kiss Attack' like the first kiss mentioned above. Though some are tender hearted, slow and sweet, and take awhile to build up to. 
For a 'Kiss Attack' in the heat of the moment of bickering, our male lead will find her so irresistible (and/or annoying), that his only resolve for shutting her up is by kissing her!

Images from Let's Eat




It would be hard for me to crown a winner for best kiss here in these photos, as there are so many wonderful drama couples that really rocked their kissing scenes.

But here are some fun examples

The memorable Soda Pop Kiss- Lie to Me


Possessed Ghost be gone kiss – The Master’s Sun


Surprise! Saunter over School Yard Kiss - Reply 1997


(The I don't know why I feel this way)...but stop talking kiss – Marriage not Dating


Sweet Historical Kiss– The Princess' Man


*Bonus Move

Caveman style: Grab girl, hoist her up- carry her away!

Images from 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant


Images from I Hear Your Voice




What are your favourite moves or gestures displayed by drama guys?