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   Stalkers Guide to Park Bo Gum

                                     Born: June 16, 1993

His name means 'Precious Sword' > Awww ^_^ I love that! ❤︎ I was first introduced to the world of 'Bo Gummy' through the drama 'I Remember You,' where he stole a lots of hearts (he also had a piece of mine). However, my true love of him came in 'Reply 1988' where he played the sweet and quiet Taek. ^_^ Ah, as you can see, I was all #TeamTaek. After that, I was eagerly anticipating his then-upcoming drama 'Love in the Moonlight,' which is now airing. As expected, I'm in love with it, and surprisingly enough, even more in love with him because of it. ^^ I'm constantly anticipating new dramas from him. He's the same age as my youngest sister who was also born in 1993. So yes, I am his Noona lol (I was born in Dec. of 1988) But I don't care, this Noona LOVES Bo Gummy. ^_^



                    ~ Dramas ~

             Love in the Moonlight (2016)

*Currently Airing* In my personal opinion, this is his best drama yet! ❤︎ He plays Lee Myeong, also known as Crown Prince Hyo Myeong, who finds himself attracted to his eunuch who is actually a woman disguised as a man. (Now just so you know, it wasn't her personal choice to play the part of an eunuch.) Park Bo Gum's expressions in this drama are ON POINT! Excellent! And his voice in this is as sexy as ever ^_^ You're about bound to fall in love with him and his character in this - even people who dislike saeguks originally just may like this one. Give it a try! I'm enjoying every minute and every episode ^^ I look forward to new episodes every week ^^ Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung have great chemistry! And the cinematography is breathtaking. Kim Yoo Jung is absolutely stunning in this ^^ and Bo Gum will steal your breath! We also have a handsome 'friend' played by Jung Jin Young and a hot bodyguard played by Kwak Dong Yeon. And it's rare that I get interested in instrumentals, but there is one in this that has a woman's voice that I just love. I hope this drama stays as good as it has been so far all the way to the finale. ^^


Teaser vid (Now this is a teaser EVERYONE should see! Even if you're not going to watch the drama!)      > Teaser 'Bombastic' < I'm addicted to it! 'What? You're addicted to a TEASER?!' YES!!!

                     Reply 1988 (2015)

Ah, the drama that made me addicted to this perfect smiling man. ^_^ Taek stole my heart and there was no room for another. ^_^ I adored his character as a quiet, shy, sweetheart who played Baduk. He grew up under a single father (who is equally as quiet) and in a peaceful neighborhood living next door to his best friends. ^^ The friendship shown in this is beautiful and so realistic! This was my first 'Reply' drama and I'm glad it was this one. Park Bo Gum's scenes became more prominent by episode 6 or 7 (earlier episodes he was only on screen for a minute or two max), so I was very happy that I finally got to see more of him (especially since I went in it for him)! This drama was a great picture of family, friends, life, and love. And the music was just my style! I love how it referenced 'MacGyver' and 'Knight Rider' lol - it has a way of making you laugh and cry. The feels are strong with this one! Besides having old classic Korean music from singers like Lee Moon Sae (Love him too!) and others that were prominent at the time, they also had some old American songs, like 'Footloose,' 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go,' and 'Reality.' ^^


                 I Remember You (2015)

*I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but it's a bit hard when this article is about Park Bo Gum, so I might end up being too descriptive of his character. I'll try to avoid major things but forgive me if I spill one. You might want to bypass the darkened out paragraph if you haven't seen it yet! Just highlight it if you have seen it to read it!*

In this drama Park Bo Gum plays the long lost brother of Seo In Guk's character - the boys were separated when young because of a tragic incident. They end up growing up completely different, each longing for each other, yet misunderstandings of the younger brother are deep toward the older. Their relationship is so sad and yet so beautiful at the same time. You will pity Bo Gum's character in this drama for sure and will root for this brotherhood to be healed. I don't want to give away spoilers so... (I hope this wasn't a spoiler in and of itself). He could be both creepy and then adorably cute in this. ^_^

The drama is about a criminal profiler (Seo In Guk) who investigates crime scenes and a female detective (Jang Na Ra) who "stalks" him (not really). Given the description, I wasn't anticipating to love this one so much - but I did! It made me a fan of both Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum. The villain in this story I thought was really genius! MV 'My Demons' You Were My Everything.' (This MV is not spoiler free!)


            Tomorrows Cantabile (2014)

It's been awhile since I've seen this and I went in it for Joo Won, so Park Bo Gum didn't shine in this for me lol. He doesn't come on until the middle somewhere and doesn't have many scenes, so it's no wonder I didn't really notice him! I can't remember exactly but I think he was a violinist or a cellist...and he had an issue with his hand that he would need surgery for... He took a liking to our lead girl Nae Il. ;) So he comes as our second lead. Overall, I thought the drama was nice (I never saw the original), but there were some boring parts. When it was airing and I was watching it I liked it, but it's not really one I'd want to watch again (at least not anytime soon).


                 Wonderful Mama (2013)

His character was kinda a womanizer in this drama lol - he was adorable though! He was in it more in the beginning and the later half, but he was kind of fizzled out in the middle (except for an appearance here and there) when the other two siblings were the main focus of the drama. I enjoyed all the siblings when they were together - they were such cute trouble makers - you could tell they were siblings! He was still pretty new to acting in this, so there were a few scenes where I felt he was a bit of a novice lol But that didn't stop me from enjoying this one fully! I really liked it, and that came as a surprise as I wasn't expecting much from this one! I loved the siblings (Park Bo Gum, Kim Ji Suk, and Jung Yoo Mi), their mother (Bae Jong Ok), and the family (mainly brother and love interest) that came into the girl's life. And I love the girl that Ji Suk ended up working for *I shipped them so much!* Overall, I thought this drama was very enjoyable. ^^


Park Bo Gum's singing cuts from 'Wonderful Mama' drama ^^ > Singing cuts <

                     ~ Movies ~

                          Coin Locker Girl (2015)

If you're a fan of the movie 'Hwayi: A Monster Boy' then you'd probably enjoy this movie as I thought they were really similar. I'm not a fan of either movie and both are ones I watched once (for a particular actor) and never will watch again. Once is enough for me. Both movies are quite bloody. As for this movie, Bo Gum's scenes were the best, happiest (as little happy scenes as there were), and also the most painful - seriously he will leave a knot in your chest. T_T He shone a light in that darkness (even if only for a brief moment). :"(


               The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014)

He has a very minor supporting role (we don't see him that much). He plays a boy who's father was killed by the Japanese and makes his way back to his people. He gets the chance to fight with Yi Sun-Sin and basically follow in his dad's footsteps as his dad used to work under Yi Sun-Sin for six years. Anyone who hasn't already seen a version of Yi Sun-Sin in another movie or drama might enjoy this more than I did - I personally compared it to the battle scene and actor in 'Jing Bi Rock' so I didn't enjoy this one very much. It was alright though. ^^


                             A Hard Day (2014)

A pretty good movie! I enjoyed it more in the second half - it was full of thrill and action scenes that I love. Park Bo Gum only has a guest role in this however - he appears shortly as a cop who looks at the CCTV camera. ^^ The movie is about a corrupt cop who tries to hide a body he "hit" and a guy who threatens him about it. This story was more than what you are expecting going in though. As things are revealed as we go along. ;)


                                  Blind (2011)

He plays the younger brother not related by blood to our main lead actress and unfortunately he will break your heart very early in this drama. :"( He is only a guest actor and his appearance is very brief (like a flash of lightening). The movie itself is quite good - it's a pretty good thriller - and will keep you on the edge of your seat shouting at the leads to run! [Be warned though, there is a brutal animal cruelty scene and it completely broke me.] T_T It's about a woman who goes blind after an accident, and three years later she ends up as a witness to a hit and run - not knowing there was more to it than that. When another witness appears, they end up having to fight a killer off together. Yoo Seung Ho was my favorite character in this movie. ^_^


                                             Runway Cop (2012)

In this movie, he plays the younger version of our main lead. The movie itself is about an overweight, very filthy and stinky cop who has been assigned to walk the model runway for an undercover drug bust. The designer of the clothes takes it upon herself to "remake" him to be suitable to walk the runway. The film, as weird and as stupid as it was, is pure comedy and even if you don't want to laugh, you'll end up laughing. Nothing in this is really believable but it is fun to watch if you need a laugh. Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Young Kwang play two of the lead models, and we even get a guest appearance by Kim Woo Bin as he walks the runway. ^^


                         ~ Other more minor roles ~

           Wonderful Days (2014)                                                             Still Cut (2012)


'Wonderful Days' - Park Bo Gum plays the younger version of Dong Suk (I liked his role in this drama but I didn't like his older version lol). I wouldn't check into this drama just for PBG (I actually saw this before I knew who PBG was! haha - I started it for Taecyeon.) PBG is only in a few scenes.

'Still Cut' - This drama special is about a man who meets his first love and he reminisces on their past while hanging out with her again - it's kinda nostalgic to think of the past. Park Bo Gum plays the main character's younger self. I enjoyed it, but didn't love it - it was a 'decent' drama special - I liked PBG's scenes the most. ^_^

      The Bridal Mask (2012)                                                                    Hero (2012)


'The Bridal Mask' - He appears as a guest as one of the young soldiers that are forced to go into Japanese army (If I remember correctly) - I saw this drama before I knew of him too. :P I think he played a cute younger brother to one of the girls in the drama. His scene was short.

'Hero' - I haven't seen this drama yet so I don't know his role, but he is apparently a guest appearance. (Anyone know what episode he is in? I might check in on just that episode lol)

                      ~ Variety shows he's been in ~

                                    Youth Over Flowers, 1N2D, Running Man, and he also hosted Music Bank                                                                             alongside Red Velvet's Irene.





   ~ Something I want to mention to clear up what all those rude Netizens keep bringing up ~

K-netizens keep bringing this up whenever a new drama of his is about to come out and it really annoys me - they are saying he is a part of a "cult," but that simply is NOT true! He is a part of a bible-believing full gospel church! Not a cult - a CHURCH. Okay! I myself go to a full gospel church and have been to conferences that do what this preacher does and I watched the video they included in their article; there is nothing "cult-ish" about it - I even watched other ones - and they had Benny Hinn in it (a very renowned full gospel preacher who is known for these kinds of events). I've been to a Benny Hinn "crusade" myself, so to clear the air, he is simply a full gospel christian - not anything more or less - so let's stop these stupid rumors. My respect for him has just grown because of this. Hwaiting Bo Gum! Keep the faith! S.O.L!


Credit to Wikipedia:

Public Image:
"Considered a 'New Generation Hallyu Star,' Park Bo-gum is also known for his upstanding persona. He is a Christian and volunteers to play piano for his church. Advertisers often cite his 'boyishness and manliness,' 'easygoing and high-class image,' and 'bright and positive vibe.' Colleagues describe Park as kind and polite with Blind co-star Kim Ha-neul saying, 'his personality is really good, and he’s also very good at acting.'" 
. ;)



               He plays the piano and originally wanted to become a singer/songwriter. ^_^

He is in the teaser video singing d.ear's song 'Forget You,' he plays the piano during 'The Little Girl,' one of Song Joong Ki's live performances, he sings 'Jingle Bell Rock,' and he sings 'One and Half' with Irene, One and Half + clips from the ending of Music Bank.



                 I think he makes perfect "hearts" ❤︎


This concludes my article on one of the most heart-capturing actors in recent months ❤︎ I'm anticipating his upcoming dramas! You can find out more about this talented and gorgeous actor here: Wikipedia


      He has advertised Domino's Pizza alongside Song Joong Ki ^_^


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