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Song Seung Heon

                                               Born: October 5, 1976


The man that defines the word sexy With his dark hair, dark eyebrows, long beautiful dark eyelashes, and gorgeous dark mesmerizing eyes he's sure to win over any girls heart



                                                  East of Eden (2008)


Here he plays the lovable and protective Dong Chul Every girl falls in love with his role here ^^ This was my second drama of his and I loved this role SO much! His character is put under so much trial in this drama. He goes through so much heartache, pain, and torment :'( Poor baby. 

He can't seem to catch a break, with his only breathing room being his eventually estranged family and Gook Ja (nickname), who loves him no matter what. Like the OST song says, "even in sadness I'm happy." Their love story is so magnificent. "Never live with revenge in your heart" is what I think a basis for this story is (as the mother learns this too late in her life). If you're like me you will cry so much in the end, but there was also happiness even in that sadness. It's one of my TOP 5 favorite dramas (and it was my first 50 episoder too). I was SO glad I decided to watch it! I love these kinds of stories with lots of depth and character growth.

This drama has an amazing OST. His theme song in this drama is Lee Seung Chul's song "No One Else," but I also think "Remember" by M to M fits his character as well. Gook Ja's theme song "Can You Hear Me Now" by Lee Seung Chul, "Fate" by SGWannabe (I like to say this is Myung Hun's song), "Thirst" by SGWannabe's Kim Jong Wook, and "Hateful Love" by BEG are all just so good.

                                               My Princess (2011)


My third drama of his ^^ This drama was really cute and I enjoyed the love story. A regular girl finds out she's the last princess and her life changes from that moment. Song Seung Heon plays her bodyguard/tutor of sorts in charge of teaching her etiquette so the monarchy can be restored. He starts out not liking her because of family things (the usual cheabol problems), but starts to feel drawn to her and falls in love. I love this "Really Really MV" of the drama ^_^ It's so cute and I think it will really make you want to watch it!

Song Seung Hun is so good in everything I see him in (especially in a suit), but I really think Kim Tae Hee needs to stick to dramas like this: cute, sweet, comedy, romances. That's where her acting is believable, considering this is the only role of Kim Tae Hee's I can say I like. I think she sucks at melo or emotional dramas like Love Story in Harvard or Young Pal

Autumn Tale (2000)


This was my first drama of his and it's where I fell so in love with his dark and long beautiful eyelashes, dark eyes that suck you in, and dark eyebrows. Can you tell by how many times I've mentioned this already that I love these features on people, men especially? ^^ 

You could say this drama is a bit taboo, as it's about the love between a "brother and sister." They grew up as siblings until they were 12 or so and then were separated because the parents found out their kids were switched at birth (common cliche found in many dramas). They meet again several years later as adults and fall in love (having longed for each other for years). Many conflicts arise, but mainly we have our typical melodrama cliche: cancer. 

This is not a happy drama; it's pretty depressing even if it's romantic. I took a break for a while when I started because I was getting so depressed by it and came back to it a month or so later when I was feeling more up for a melo. I enjoyed it for the most part, even if it's a bit slow here and there. The ending was a bit of a shock for me and I honestly still don't know what to think about it. I was quite dumbfounded by what I saw happen and still can't get that shock out of my system when I think back on this drama.

Time Slip Dr. Jin (2012)


And my 4th drama of his ^^ I was really excited when this came out because it had both Song Seung Hun and Kim Jae Joong in it! ^_^ Unlike popular opinion I did like this drama. I thought the medical and time travel thing was really cool, and I like how they went about showing it (sometimes quite funny). The things modern and historical doctors do are crazy different, so the reactions you'd see on people's faces made me laugh so much XD I liked the way they intertwined the main female's "past life" and "present life," although it was really hard to not feel bad for one or the other!

You and I (1997)


~ Currently watching ~ I'm nine episodes into this drama and to be honest not a whole lot has happened yet. It has the pacing of a daily drama even though it isn't one, so I've been skimming it. 

I'm watching all of Song Seung Heon's scenes, most scenes of his eldest brother/girlfriend, and his second brother when he is with his family. His second brother is kind of a douchebag at the moment, which you'd understand just by reading the description, but outside of his "relationship/moral issues" he seems like a good brother. The eldest brother is kind of boring, but I'm at least a little bit intrigued by watching his story unfold. His sister is weird but nice :P The dad is the same as every drama I've seen the actor in. 

I'm watching it RAW on MBC's channel on YouTube, and only started it for Song Seung Heon so he'll be my motivation to complete it. 

Happy Time Masterpiece Theater Clip

Happy Together (1999)


This drama is about five siblings who get separated after their parents death. Two are abandoned and the other three are taken in by their maternal grandmother. They all live different lives and it shows how they start to rebuild their relationship and become a family once again through trials, pain, hardships, resentment, and bitterness of the past. 

I really enjoyed this one and I'm SO glad I decided to watch it :D If you like classic dramas then I'd recommend this one! I love classic dramas done well ^^ This one had great humor and a really good family vibe to it. 

I loved all the characters but my favorites were Tae Poong, Yoon Joo and Ji Seok <3 Song Seung Heon plays Ji Seok, the second oldest brother. He's a DA (district attorney) and 10 year lover of Su Ha, played by Kim Ha Neul. I really enjoyed their relationship and story ^^ Tae Poong, played by Lee Byung Hun, is the biggest outcast of the family and he struggles to bring the family back together, along with Moon Joo and Yoon Joo. Yoon Joo, played by Jeon Ji Hyeon, is the maknae of the family. I really liked her; she was so sweet ^^ Other great actors that are in this a lot are: Cha Tae Hyun, Jo Jae Hyeon, and Son Hyun Joo.

Summer Scent (2003)


I started watching this one recently, but even though I like lots of older dramas this one just isn't clicking with me so I've put it on hold. It's about a girl who has a heart transplant and her heart ends up beating for a guy she has just met. She later realizes that her heart belonged to his past love. Fate is played up in this drama big time, which I'm loving. I do feel bad for her long-time boyfriend. He seems like a nice guy, but I've only seen five episodes. I am of course shipping our lead with Song Seung Heon. How couldn't I?! ;) 

I love Song Seung Heon's character though and I love his mom! I'm not diggin' Han Ji Hye's character when it comes to her crushin' on Song Seung Heon, but outside of her crush she seems fine atm.

Three Guys & Three Girls (1996)


I believe this drama is also RAW on MBC's channel on YouTube. I have not watched it yet, but I might someday if it's still available. It's the first youth sitcom in Korea, about three guys and girls who live in the same university lodging house, and is supposed to explore the friendship and love between them. MBC Happy Time Clip

Saimdang, Lights Diary (2017)


It's supposed to be about a history lecturer who finds the diary of a historical figure. According to a post from Geanina on the drama's page from the press release, the plot will shift back and forth from the past to the present as the professor tries to discover the mystery behind Saimdang’s diary and a mysterious painting. There is also a romance story line between Song Seung Heon and Lee Young Ae's characters. All I can say is I'm really excited for this one and hope it is worth the wait! TRAILER


I wasn't into movies until this year so I ended up watching all his movies this year around April or May lol

The Fate (2008)


Song Seung Heon's character made this movie and I really liked his character. It's about four friends who, through a twist of fate, end up as enemies. He was the good guy that was dragged into this world of violence because of his "friends," as he was the only one who truly wanted to change and start anew. He wanted to make his own fate/destiny. While everyone else was left holding onto old grudges and exacting revenge, he did his best to try and forget it all and leave it in the past. Unfortunately they just wouldn't let him, resulting in the battle/fight at the end. 

He reminded me of his character Dong Chul from East of Eden ^^  I enjoyed the movie overall, but Song Seung Heon's character was my driving force to watch this one ^^ He was the main character and the only one I really loved.

Wonderful Nightmare (2015)


A great family movie! It reminded me a lot of this Christmas movie called Comfort and Joy, only this movie doesn't revolve around Christmas lol.

It's about a woman who, because of a "mistake from heaven," has to live as another man's wife for one month. Her entire life changes: clothes, house, family, job, and of course a new husband. He thinks she's his wife, as he sees his wife even though this woman has "occupied" her body. 

All I can say is I want a husband like him!!! Everything about him was what you'd want! <3 <3 <3 What a wonderful man! ^_^ I really liked this movie.

Calla (1999)


This is a nice romantic movie, perfect for a rainy day. It came off kind of as a Christmas movie because it was centered around Christmas time, with a splice of "fantasy" thrown in. Nothing thrilling or anything, but it was sweet. ^^ 

It's about a man, played by Song Seung Heon, who receives a "Calla" every morning and wants to find out who his admirer is. He ends up meeting the person he thinks is his admirer and things go from there. 

This movie is told from two perspectives, so some of the scenes repeat themselves from the different perspectives. It's a really nice, classic movie. I'd recommend it!

Ghost In Your Arms Again (2010)


This is a remake of the 1990 U.S. film Ghost, which starred Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

It's about a Korean potter, played by Song Seung Heon, who meets an entrepreneur and falls in love. Shortly after they get married and a year later tragedy strikes and his wife dies. She isn't ready to leave the world - or him - so she sticks around in spirit form, only able to use a psychic to warn her husband that he is in danger and her death wasn't an accident.

I enjoyed it and really liked that Song Seung Heon's voice wasn't dubbed! He actually spoke Japanese and sounded good! The acting however wasn't the best that it could have been, but it was forgivable. Maybe because my expectations were low since it was Korean/Japanese joint project. I did enjoy the overall story of the movie and found it to be a relaxing watch. The songs were inserted a little too suddenly though, so whenever they came on out of nowhere my immediate reaction was to laugh because they sounded so cheesy! :P

A Better Tomorrow (2010)


(Copying my comment from the movies page) It wasn't the best "action" movie I've seen but it was an OK watch. I wouldn't watch it again though because it didn't have enough depth. I started this movie because Song Seung Hun was in it and he was my favorite character. He reminded me a lot of his character from East of EdenEven the way he looked from the middle of the movie to the end was very Dong Chul like ;) 

I'm glad I watched it if only for him alone ^^ The brothers were good too and I enjoyed watching them, although they felt like the brothers from Sirius. The older brother feels guilty and sacrifices his all for his younger brother. All in all the entire end "action" gun fight scene was my favorite part of this whole movie because it's the only time we see all three of these men together. 

The ending song introduced my to now my absolute favorite Japanese singers, Chemistry, with their Korean version of "A Better Tomorrow."

I've also seen his movies Make it Big, He was Cool, and The Third Way of Love, but none of them were movies I can say I enjoyed. Make it Big was weird really weird, and He was Cool made me laugh because of how ridiculous it was. It's a decent story, but I just couldn't help but laugh when I was watching it. The Third Way of Love was boring, redundant, and uninteresting; so these aren't movies I will ever re-watch. Others may like them, just not me. Also, his voice was dubbed over in The Third Way of Love movie :/ I heard he's dating the actress, but could someone could explain to me how that is possible when he apparently can't speak Chinese? Can she speak Korean? How do they communicate? O.o

Music Videos he's starred in:

Kim Bum Soo's "Once Upon a Day" MV - so tragic, my gosh!

Yoon Gun's "Sad Love Story" MV - this MV sure knows how to make me feel bad for Song Seung heon lol

SG Wannabe's "I Miss You" - this MV is so CRUEL!!! :'( I had Gook Ja/Dong Chul feelings throughout this one, and my gosh did they have to do that to me AGAIN in the end? :'( You'll know what I mean if you've seen East of Eden. This MV actually goes before the other one apparently, an "I Miss You" prelude or something... idk lol.

But my gosh isn't Song Seung Hun drop dead gorgeous!!! I want a close up picture of his eyes. I'll frame it and put it on my wall! lol :P 


He also has one album 'Song Seung-heon Vol. 1' 2004

More about the actor here: Wikipedia

~ Gallery ~

He's got so many good photos ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤






He sings too! ^_^

Just click and play ^^

I Love You <-------> Lee Joon Gi sings a song that sounds a lot like Song Seung Heon's song called "One Word"

// Because I Love You // 그 모든 눈물 // Miss Flower // // For You // Song Seung Heon, Won Bin, Jang Dong Gun, and Lee Byung Hun Performance // Last Love // Prayer // Even After Ten Years // 

Interviews: Entertainment Weekly

Song Seung Heon is friends with So Ji Sub, Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Byung Hun. The only personal friendship photo I could find on google was this one of Song Seung Heon and So Ji Sub) ^^

Friends Special Pt.1 Pt.2 Song Seung Heon, So Ji Sub, and Park Yong Ha, may he rest in peace. This is really fun and interesting. I've been finding a lot out about So Ji Sub that I didn't know until now! I was laughing like a crazy fool during the entire thing :P Seriously the smile would not wipe off my face, and was trembling from smiling and laughing so much! :P Wish I could find the rest!

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This concludes my article on Song Seung Heon, an actor whom I can't wait to see on my screen again!