by MisbehavingCub, April 26, 2017

6 Reasons to watch: Tunnel


Imagine if you were a detective currently trying to solve a series of serial murders in 1986 and then suddenly got transported through time to end up in 2017. 

Yeah, I know, crazy right?

Here are 6 reasons why you should give this crazy yet totally awesome drama a shot.

Don't forget that I'm currently only halfway through the drama as it has not finished airing yet and yes I am dying from the suspense and cliffhangers. 

Please save me!

Reason #6: Time Travel!


Time travel is pretty interesting and it's something we've been seeing more of these days in other drama's like Nine: Nine Times Time Travel and Signal. However, it's something that if done poorly can look very tacky and also not make any sense at all in regards to the story line of the drama.

I don't know if you've watched a little K-drama called Signal starring Lee Je Hoon, but If you have seen it then you will understand when I say Tunnel is very similar to Signal in terms of the time travel side of it. Signal was most likely my favorite drama of 2016, so when I stumbled upon this gem, I was overjoyed. 

I won't spoil anything for you, but so far the time travel in this drama has been done very well. I'm still sitting in front of my computer screaming How!? Why!? because there's so much that hasn't been explained about it. I'm definitely looking forward to having more mysteries being unraveled regarding the time travel aspect in the last half of the show.

Reason #5: Who Did it?


So in the drama we have our lead, Mister tall dark and handsome Park Gwang Ho (or is it Kwang Ho? For this article's sake we'll go with Gwang Ho) played by Choi Jin Hyuk (who you might remember from the dramas The HeirsFated To Love You, etc) attempting to solve a series of murders in the year of 1986. Now let me tell you, I could watch Choi Jin Hyuk be a detective in 1986 as its own drama completely unattached from the time traveling aspect and still enjoy the show. The whole mystery murder side of the drama is great. It's also really interesting to see how detectives worked back in the 80's without all the technology we have today.

Now essentially what happens and again I'm not spoiling anything, but when the charismatic Park Gwang Ho ends up in the year 2017, the serial murders follow him there and he must continue to chase the elusive killer in order to get back to his own time period.

I was really glad that they made all these murders seem very realistic. Not only with how they look in the drama, but also with the intense human emotion behind them, because when someone is killed, it's the loved ones they leave behind that are left heartbroken and this is something that the drama makes a point of showing the viewers. I may or may not have teared up a few times, shhh.

The last thing I wanted to mention here was, I don't have any clue who the killer is. Of course, I have tons of suspects, but no real clue as to who the killer is. I also have tons of questions like how did the killer get from 1986 to 2017? What is their connection to Park Gwang Ho? I don't know, I could just be unobservant but the suspense is killing me!

Reason #4: Minimal Romance


I don't know if you're like me, but after a while, I get tired of the lead actors romance being constantly thrown in my face. Don't get me wrong, sometimes that's specifically what I feel like watching, but when I get a drama that just gives you a taste of romance like this does... wow I'm in heaven.

This drama very much focuses on the time travel, mystery murder side of it. There is some romance in the sense that the main lead has a significant other and we learn all about that in the first episode. What this drama does so amazingly well, is that because the romance isn't being thrown in our faces, it makes our hearts hurt that much more for Park Gwang Ho considering he's 30 years apart (time travel remember)  from the love of his life. Yeah, that's gotta hurt (It actually hurts so much, oh my poor Gwang Ho!).

Reason #3: N


When I first found out that N (Cha Hak Yeon) was going to be in this drama, I thought he was just playing a minor role as young Park Gwang Ho since that's his characters name. However, that is not the case and I have no idea where his character fits into all of this craziness. I could speculate all day long, but there's a lot to be unraveled in the second half of the show.

N is the leader of the idol group VIXX also known for his role in another amazing drama called Sassy Go Go. Since Sassy Go Go, he's been doing a lot of web dramas that I wasn't a big fan of, however, the snippets I've seen of him in this drama more than make up for them. I just want to know more about his character! Come on show, stop leaving me wondering!

Reason #2: The Characters


A cop from 1986, a robot detective, and an emotionless psychology professor walk into a bar. 

Sorry, I had to do it. 

These are the three leading characters in the drama. We have Park Gwang Ho the detective from 1986 that ends up time traveling to 2017 played by the amazing Choi Jin Hyuk. Then there is the serious and very straight-laced detective from 2017 Kim Seon Jae played by the wonderful Yoon Hyun Min (swooning? I'm not swooning... I'm totally swooning) known for his roles in Cruel CityFalling For Innocence and Beautiful Mind. Of course, we have the third of this great trio the one who is scarily good at her job as a psychology professor and consultant for these serial murders Shin Jae Yi played by the talented Lee Yoo Young who is known for her roles in Late SpringThe Treacherous and Fatal Intuition.

I mean there's not a lot to say, the cast is absolutely phenomenal! I've seen both Choi Jin Hyuk and Yoon Hyun Min in other dramas before this and while I'm not too familiar with Lee Yoo Young, all three of these actors just bring so much to this drama.

It's so great to watch all these characters grow and develop more and more each episode, not to mention the various things that are slowly being revealed and shocking truths that come out. It's just great.

Oh I almost forgot one more great actor, Jo Hee Bong plays the hilarious Police Chief Jun Sung Shik, he's been in so many things I can't even begin to list them all. Let me just say the chemistry between Sung Shik and Park Gwang Ho is amazing, I just can't get enough of the commentary between these two characters.



Reason #1: The Bromance!

There are two bromances in this drama, one that makes me sob tears of joy and one that makes me laugh so hard I still cry. Yeah, bromances mess with my emotions.

So, of course, we have my favorite which is the Gwang Ho/Seon Jae bromance that makes me want to scream and cry and hug them both all at the same time. I just love these characters so much.



Then we have the Gwang Ho/Sung Shik bromance which is hilarious for reasons I don't want to spoil for you so I will just leave this lovely picture of them. Aren't they adorable?


This is an amazing drama with an equally amazing cast, so please if I've piqued your curiosity even a little bit then check out Tunnel!

Til next time! ~Cub