by DreamingKoreanBallad, July 28, 2017

Ji Il Joo

                                                                                           Born: November 7, 1985

I first discovered this actor in the drama Healer where he plays Healer's dad. He's captured my attention in every role I've encountered him in since. Although up till now he's been stuck playing supporting roles (whether he prefers that or it's all that's been offered him), he is an actor who deserves to be in the spotlight as a main lead. He's older than me by a couple of years and yet hasn't gotten that chance yet. He's radiantly handsome and I'd love to start watching dramas with him front and center. ^_^ He's played multiple kinds of roles from a creepy stalker, a abusive boyfriend, a sweetheart, a loving father, a jokester friend and brother. He's got the talent and everything else to be able to take on leading roles. ^^




                                                                               Monster (2012)

                                                                             *Main role* (Drama Special - 1 episode) Teaser

I've looked everywhere I know of and I can't find this particular Monster. :/ If anyone knows, do let me know. "This drama is about a group of young people who work towards launching a business and gaining success."


                                                                        Golden Time (2012)

                                                                                                    *Supporting role*

He plays a lovable intern, who is a fellow intern with the leads. He's always running around bringing the "big news" with him lol - he brought a bit of comedy to the drama and I enjoyed all of his scenes. This is a drama based on interns in the hospital where they have to learn under professors. The main focus is on traumatology or the ER section of the hospital. It's a great drama if you enjoy medical dramas and are in for a more learning experience type drama.


                                                         TV Novel: Sam Saeng (2013)

                                                                                            *Supporting role*

I have not seen this drama, nor do I know where to find it. But it's a daily drama so it's long. If anyone knows where I can watch this do let me know. :) (he's on the right side of the photo). It's set in the 1970's and is (according to the description) "about a woman who almost died and renamed herself 'Sam Saeng' and becomes a herbal doctor."


                                                                Basketball (2013)

                                                                                         *Supporting role*

He plays a fellow teammate on the basketball team at the time of the Japanese occupation. He's rich and a bit rude but he's a nice guy who is afraid of challenging people in power. He loves his mother and because of things that happen in this drama, he ends up taking our leads' side and going against the Japanese imperialists.


                                                              Hotel King (2014)

                                                                                      *Supporting role*

He works at the Hotel check-in. I didn't know him at the time I watched this, but whenever he appeared I was always keeping a close eye on him as he was really cute and I enjoyed his scenes. ^^


                                                                        Healer (2014)

                                                                                             *Supporting role*

Healer's daddy! ^_^ This is where I first fell for him and started looking him up. ;) As if he couldn't get even sexier - this hairstyle does it for me. ^^ I love it on him, I think it suits him very well, the colour, cut and style. ^_^ He appears in the past clips and past memories. He was best friends with the lead girl's father.


                                                              Make a Woman Cry (2015)

                                                                                                 *Supporting role*

He's the brother-in-law of the lead lady. He is in a relationship but for whatever reasons he starts to push her away and towards another man who has more money and is nice. Whether he thought he wasn't good enough for her or what or if it was because of what he saw his brother do... I never quite figured out his reasons for pushing her away. He is a very nice person, sweet and is very charming. He loves his family and I believe he really liked his girlfriend as well.


                                                                 Local Hero (2016)

                                                                                         *Supporting role*

He's a supporting role that's more like a guest role, as he is only in their past memories. He was a fellow co-worker and friend to the two in the photo. I think out of this entire drama, his scenes and his character were my favorites.


                                                       The Royal Gambler (2016)

                                                                                         *Supporting role*

I have yet to see this drama (but I plan on watching it soon for him) so I'm not sure what his role is exactly. He plays the character 'Moo Myung'.


                                                  Bong Soon - A Cyborg in Love (2016)

                                                                                          *Supporting role*

He plays our leads' friend and fellow co-worker, at first (or should I say through most of the web drama) he comes off as arrogant and heartless. But he just didn't consider a cyborg that he helped create a human. In the end, his character comes around and that was when I liked his role in this the most lol - the drama itself is very sweet and enjoyable. ^_^


                                                                 Age of Youth (2016)

                                                                                           *Supporting role*

He plays an abusive boyfriend in this. The type that is selfish and only thinks of himself. and when rejected or assumed to be mocked, gets angry and then the hidden wrath shows. (a lot of people seemed to be greatly affected by his role in this - but that's not true for me, he wasn't a likeable character that's for sure, but it's not so bad that it would affect my view of him in other dramas). I've seen him in so many good roles though - so maybe for someone who hasn't see him in a good role before this one might have a negative view on him when he appears in other dramas, luckily for me that won't be the case - I still look forward to his upcoming dramas, whatever they may be (although I hope he takes more good roles and less negative ones lol).


                                             Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)

                                                                                               *Supporting role*

Best friend to Joon Hyeong and roommates as well as teammates. He is a swimmer and is scared of the girls in the weight lifting department. He ends up becoming friends with them, however, because of his friend lol. It was really funny to watch him go from being scared of them to finally relaxing some and even crushing on one of them. ;) I enjoyed his sweet character.


                                                                The Happy Loner (2017)

                                                                                                   *Supporting role*

He plays the role of Ji Young's soon to be ex-boyfriend, who is trying to understand the reason why she's breaking up with him. When all she does is to say mean things and ignore his questions. It's not like he didn't do anything wrong, but he wanted to know what it was and why she's acting this cold. But this girl is all closed up and won't share her thoughts or feelings at all.


Guest roles in: Suspicious Partner, Dramaworld, Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors, & Jung Yak Yong


In SP he plays a stalker, in DW he plays himself, in O& GD he plays the boyfriend in ep. 3 whose girlfriend/ fiance has to get checked out by the doctors.

He has since starred as s supporting role or guest in several other dramas through 2018.



                                                                        Glove (2011)

                                                                                            *Supporting role*

He plays one of the team members on the baseball team that is being coached by a delinquent pro baller. If you like baseball, teamwork, and strong mentor-ship based on a real story then this is a good choice. 


Also a guest in a few other movies.








This concludes my article on an underrated actor who deserves the right to shine. Please look forward to his future drama roles. ^_^