by DreamingKoreanBallad, August 13, 2017

                                          Nam Goong Min

                                                                                           Born: March 12, 1978

The first drama I saw him in was Can You Hear My Heart and at the time I never expected to be writing a stalker guide on him lol (oh how times change). I then saw him in Cheongdamdong Alice where he appears as a guest as the main girl's ex. My Secret Hotel is where I must have started falling for this actor's charms lol - as I all of the sudden started to recognize his name when it would appear in the drama cast and I started getting excited to see another drama with him in it. Then The Girl Who Sees Scents came out and despite his role, I lived for his scenes - I always remember him walking into his secret room with those white pants on and thinking 'wow, he looks great in that outfit' XD (silly me). I decided against watching Beautiful Gong Shim because of all the crazy pictures I saw on the feeds (I'm not a huge comedy fan, to begin with. I'd much rather watch someone trip over their own shoes or walk into something than the comedy they put in "comedy" dramas. And OTT comedy turns me off even more). But then he appeared as guest in Doctors and I adored his role (actually makes me want him to be the main lead in a drama where he is a single daddy) and Chief Kim came along and other than a couple OTT scenes, it was more my kind of comedy and I enjoyed it and laughed a lot *loved the bromance*. And I'm currently enjoying him in Falsify. (I'll be watching him in Remember before I submit this article).


I'm actually surprised at his age lol, I thought he was 35 for the longest time, and to find out he's almost 40! He's ageing really well! ^^ (My personal preference - I like him better with black or dark chocolate brown hair rather than the lighter colour he had in CK lol).

I recently read that he has to keep exercising b/c he has 2 herniated discs in his spine. “I look fine on the outside, but I actually have a cervical herniated disc and a lumbar herniated disc. If I don’t exercise, it’s so painful that it’s unbearable.” He continued, “I have gym equipment at home. No matter how late filming ends, I will do dead-lifts before I sleep. When there’s no filming, I exercise once every two days. But if there’s filming, like now, I hardly exercise. I just work out for about 10 to 15 minutes before erasing my makeup.” - Soompi



                                              Doctor Prisoner (2019)

He plays a renowned doctor who cares for all his patients equally until he gets suspended b/c of a malpractice incident that happens when a hospital director causes a ruckus, he then gets his certificate as a medical internist and starts working in a prison where he plans to cozy up to all the bigshots to win allies and take revenge on the hospital that ousted him. He must first take the place of the current prisoner doctor. I'm excited for this one to start!

Falsify (2017)

He's a "media jackal" who goes after cases where there are hidden things and reveals them to the public via media. He was once a master of Judo but his brother ends up being murdered and that's how he became a "media jackal" in order to get the ones that did this to his brother.  I'm really enjoying this drama and I love his character ^_^ I also love how he looks in this one (hair, attitude, and clothing - just my style) ;)


Chief Kim (2017)

He's a man who has lived his life stealing (embezzling) money from others after seeing his own father take the righteous path and die. He figures it's better to live selfishly rather than righteously. That is until he enters a new company where he was determined to do the same shenanigans - but he finds out some dirty truths about this company that makes him question what he truly wants to do with his life. Outside of his sometimes over the top "comedy" in a few scenes (mainly earlier) and a few loud yelling from him - I highly enjoyed this drama, it's a good drama to kick back and laugh and enjoy the ride and especially the love/hate bromance between Goong Min and Jun Ho. ^_^ MV - Bromance


Remember - War of the Son (2015)

He plays a really nasty villain in this one, a man who has "daddy issues" and has severe rage issues. He thinks of humans as dogs and the world as his playground. Someone rubs him the wrong way, they are then marked and doomed to be falsely accused or murdered. He gets a high out of making people feel degraded and humiliated in front of him. And much like his dad who only sees people as tools that wear out and get replaced, he has the same mindset. He deems them "sinners" b/c they don't have anything.


Girl Who Sees Scents (2015)

He plays a famous chef in this drama who may or may not be all he seems. I personally did not enjoy the comedy in this drama at all. Even the romance was stale for me, but I enjoyed Nam Goong Min's scenes and character - he IMO was the saving grace to this drama. MV (SPOILERS)


My Secret Hotel (2014)

Ah, second lead syndrome hit me hard in this one. I did not like the main lead (despite my love for the actor himself), I was totally shipping Goong Min and In Na together. ^^ I personally am not a fan of old flames getting back together when they had problems in the past (and that was the case for this drama). Nam Goong Min is the director of the hotel in which In Na works, he falls for her and I shipped it all the way. There is also a murder mystery in the drama, and for me it was alright.


Can You Hear My Heart (2011)

A boy who was ashamed of his handicapped father, so he meets and runs away with someone he can call his mother and a new brother who lost his hearing due to an accident. The brotherhood was so sweet and also painful. Because of the mother, Ma Ro gets scared and ends up on the wrong path. It takes the love of his brother, the care of his sister, the love of his father and the realization and love of his mother to make him turn around. MV1 & MV2 - Bromance


Doctors (2016) 

*guest role*

I had to mention his guest role in this drama, b/c it was so powerful and touching - even if you decide not to watch the drama, definitely watch his scenes. He plays a father who doesn't have a lot of money and works at low-income jobs to support his boys. When his boys are both diagnosed with the same disease, his world goes black, with the panic of how he can possibly pay the hospital bills and how to save his boys will touch you deeply and make you cry for him. His story and Lee Sang Yeob's stories in this drama were my personal favourites. MV - Daddy


My Rosy Life (2005)

I loved his adorable character in this drama. His appearance in this one was totally unexpected, as I was watching this for Lee Tae Ran and didn't realize he was a part of the cast. His character completely falls for Lee Tae Ran's character in such an adorable way, he pursues her without fail, he tries to date her and no matter how many times she says she's not interested or turns him down or says something mean - he is a man who never gives up - he just shows his heart and gives her all his love, no matter her past or present he says he can't help but like her. I was so glad he showed up and rescued her.


Birth of the Rich (2010)

MV (second leads) - I am planning on watching this one, I like all the leads in other dramas they've been in, and I hope I can at least enjoy our second leads in this one, as I've heard the main leads are kind of annoying lol (I'll have to find out for myself, however - as my opinions vary). The MV makes me curious about Nam Goong Min's character, I think I may like his story.


Unemployed Romance (2013)

This drama travels 10 years of their lives. They start off as college students, and he falls for her at first sight. They start dating, he studies for the bar exam for years but things happen and their relationship gradually starts to go bad and eventually leads to a breakup. When they meet years later they are both bitter. I personally skipped the first episode and skim watched episode 2, I started watching fully from episode 3 (episode 3 really made me like the 2nd lead too and it's in present day) then from episode 4-10 the majority of the drama focuses on the lead couple's story over the past years to the present. It was an alright watch, although I wouldn't want to watch it again. I liked Goong Min and Jun Yeong's characters but I can't say the same for the rest of the cast lol - Also I don't like romance where neither has a stable job - it's too risky lol MV


He also has a guest role in Man x Man. He is also in a few drama specials: To William, After Love, You're Closer Than I think, City Conquest, & Still Picture. And a few daily dramas: Hur Jun, My Lovely Family, & Rose Fence.

In MxM, he appears as an actor. and in Still Picture, he plays a man who ends up meeting his first love again. He plays the main lead in My Lovely Family and Rose Fence but I don't know where to watch them or what his characters are all about... I can't find the other drama specials he's in. And one doesn't come out until next month. :) In Hur Jun. he plays a character named Yoo Do Ji (possibly an antagonist). *pics below in order*


He is also in I Need Romance 3 - I've never been interested in any of the 'I Need Romance' series and that goes the same for this one, despite him being in it. I can't tell you what his role is exactly since I haven't watched it. But I get the feeling that he is the second lead in this. He's also the lead in My Beautiful Gong Shim as Ahn Dan Tae (I have no interest in watching this one b/c of the kind of comedy it is and I also heard way too many negative things about it). Wild Chives and Soybean Soup is another drama where he has the main role but the drama got shortchanged and got cut halfway through, so it rushes the ending from what I've heard (I also don't plan to watch this one b/c of this and the negative comments). He also guest stars in Cheongdamdong Alice as Alice's ex-boyfriend. (pics below in order)




Beautiful Sunday (2007)

This whole movie is a build up to the synopsis and what you see and know may not be everything. There is a big twist at the end that actually pleasantly surprised me and made me feel proud of my intuition lol - The movie as a whole is a bit disturbing. The murderer isn't just a murderer but rather a different kind of psycho. *Be pre-warned there is one "mature" scene in this that I personally didn't like - it may not bother a lot of you but I just don't like that kind of stuff in movies or shows I watch.* Also, the crime may trigger some who might have gone through something similar. You can't really find this movie anywhere, a couple people told me is on avistaz (I don't download there) but I also linked the page where I watched it on the movies' page. I watched it raw. Trailer


A Dirty Carnival (2006)

Trailer - It's a movie about a gangster played by Jo In Sung and a film-maker played by Nam Goong Min. They were elementary school friends and meet later when Min Ho (NGM) is wanting to make a gangster movie, he "interviews" the gangsters to be able to make the most realistic gangster movie. And like most gangster movies the end result isn't pretty. I found the movie ok, not really my kind of movie but it was a decent film.


Part Time Spy (2017)

Trailer - It's about a voice phishing company that has now become under investigation by the police. And undercover cop works here and meets a grungy woman who is undercover for the NSA - they team up and take down the scammers. It's definitely a comedy central movie and not to my taste. I ended up skipping through it because I found it boring and unappealing.


He also has a role in the movie Bungee Jumping of their Own as Kim Chul Sung. (this movie is still in my PTW list lol).


Bonus: He has starred in a few music videos ~

Hong Jin Young - Cheer Up, Lee Jong Bong - The Thing That I Forget You (can't find the mv - if someone happens to know it, please share the link!), COOL - 백설공주를 사랑한 일곱번째 난장이 (The seventh dwarf who loved Snow White), COOL - 작년 오늘 (Last Year) *continued from the last MV*







In some of his pictures, he resembles other actors. In his earlier years pictures, I personally think he looks a lot like Kim Jae Won and in one picture he resembles Bae Yong Jun and then in the picture with the puppy I see a little bit of Bae Soo Bin in him. lol *is it just me or do you all see what I'm seeing?*




This will conclude my article on an actor who excels with whatever role is given to him. I prefer him in serious roles - whether he's a villain or the one fighting for justice (loving him in Falsify hope he gets more roles like this one).