by lo_ve, May 10, 2023

Nam Sang Ji announced her marriage to a non-celebrity boyfriend of thirteen years. 

On May 10, actress Nam Sang Ji shared on her personal Instagram page that she is getting married to her lover who she met for a long time on May 14. The actress also shared some of their wedding pictorials. 

In the wedding pictorial, Nam Sang Ji was brave enough to show the face of her husband-to-be. She is also dressed in a pure white dress that elevated her beauty. 

Nam Sang Ji thanked fans for all the support and also promised that she will be in better shape and appearance in the future. 

The actress has been in a relationship with her soon to be husband even before she began her acting career. 

Nam Sang Ji made her acting debut in the 2013 movie Marriage Blue led by Kim Hyo Jin, Kim Kang Woo, Lee Yun Hee, Joo Ji Hoon, 2 PM's Ok Taec Yeon, and Ma Dong Seok. Since then she has been active in both films and K-dramas. 

She has starred in the works Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, Sisters-in-Law, Mr. Sunshine, Hospital Playlist, The Singer, Ashfall, Way Back Home, Spirits' Homecoming, Unfinished Story, Lucid Dream, The Last Princess, and more. 

Just last year, Nam Sang Ji starred in her first-ever leading role through the KBS K-drama Bravo, My Life. She worked alongside Yang Byeong Yeol, Lee Shi Kang, Cha Min Ji, Kim Hee Jung, and Jo Mi Ryung. The series was part of KBS's daily K-drama and it aired from April to September 2022. 

In 2023, Nam Sang Ji was part of the Donga TV program Style Me together with Kim So Eun.

There is no confirmation yet on the next possible acting project of Nam Sang Ji for this year. 


Congratulations to actress Nam Sang Ji and her soon-to-be husband!