by lo_ve, May 30, 2023

Jin Seon Kyu will reportedly join the upcoming Netflix original movie, Jeon, Ran.

On May 30, various media outlets reported that Jin Seon Kyu will be joining the cast of the upcoming action historical film Jeon, Ran.

Jin Seon Kyu's agency L'July Entertainment responded to the reports through a phone call with the media outlet Daily Sports. According to the agency, Jin Seon Kyu is currently reviewing the offer to star in Jeon, Ran. 

Jeon Ran will showcase the happenings in the Joseon Dynasty during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592. 

The upcoming K-drama will reportedly be led by Yoo Ah In, Kang Dong Won, and Park Jung Min. There is no official confirmation yet whether Yoo Ah In will still join the upcoming film after his drug issue. 

Jeon, Ran will be the next work of directors Park Chan Wook and Kim Sang Man who also helmed the films Midnight FM and Girl Scouts.

There is no official confirmation yet on the release date of the upcoming film but it will exclusively premiere on Netflix. 

If Jin Seon Kyu decided to join Jeon, Ran, this will be his fourth upcoming movie. The actor is also set to star in the upcoming films Count, Amazon Bow Master, and Sweet and Warm

Jin Seon Kyu will also be busy with several upcoming K-dramas such as The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch and Bargain Season 2. He is also set to make a cameo appearance in the soon-to-air Disney+ K-drama Revenant

The actor is known for being included in several hit K-dramas and films. Just last year, he starred in the hit K-dramas Big Bet, Bargain, and Through the Darkness. He was also part of the popular 2022 films Confidential Assignment 2: International and Kingmaker


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