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Annyeong!! We (XieLalisaShiro, and ManUtiavN) are here to show you around our fan-world of Lee Jong Suk. So, let's not waste any time and start talking about Lee Jong Suk (abbreviated LJS). You'll find more or less everything you need to know about him that we could find till this date below, to binge as a whole or save for all those days you just need some more charm in your life.

Things that can be good to know: 

1. All links are this shade of pink, so if the text is pink it will have a link something LJS-related in it, so click right away.

2. This guide is mostly based on our very biased opinions, googling skills, and collective memory. We reserve the right to remember some details incorrectly and fan-girl all we want!

3. We've included a fun game for all our dear MDLers so make sure to participate!

Though we have tried to avoid spoilers, just like Lee Jung Suk can not completely guarantee that you will fall for his charm, we can not fully guarantee that this is spoiler-free but it should be. ;)

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Name: Lee Jong Suk (이종석)         

Birthday: September 14, 1989

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Birthplace: Yongin, Gyeonggi-do Province, South Korea

Height: 186 cm (6'1")

Instagram: @jongsuk0206                   

Occupation: Model, Actor

Agency (current): A-MAN (his own agency)

Things we love about him

#1 Annoying cuteness

Ever felt annoyed by the fact that someone can be so cute? Here's someone who'll make you feel that way.

#2 Distinctive lips

His lips are like the icing on the top of the cake making him look even more cute, attractive, charming, and of course, who can forget the perfect kisses from those lips?

#3 Charisma and charm

You can't ever be immune to his charm and his never-ending charisma can even make your day brighter, why not have a look at some of his lovely pics then? 
Need some more? Why don't you check out this 
birthday special list and find him in all the gifs from his dramas?

#4 Reading voice

Yeah, you read it right! His reading voice is also enough to tempt us, the fan-girls and millions of fans. Is there even a side of him that anybody can find fault at? Nope!

If you click on this picture you can hear him read... 

#5 Introverted and shy nature

How to add perks to my personality even after being super cute? LJK Hack: Be introverted and shy!

Well, of course, adding perks to his cuteness is his shy and introverted nature so, how could we forget it? Here are some lovely examples for you to learn about this LJK inspired hack.


#6 Prince of Bromance 

No matter who LJS is paired with, he always manages to create the most amazing bromance, be it as a lawyer, a swimmer, or a mindreader, be sure he will always befriend his rival to create the most beautiful bromances in the whole Dramaland.



Lee Jong Suk debuted as a teenager, mostly as a model, but did actually also star in a short film in 2005. He has since then charmed us in a variety of popular dramas, movies, and drama-like commercials.  We have gathered thoughts about the ones we found in MDL's database. As big fans of order we decided to present them in order of popularity (on MDL, we do not know about the world outside MDL), and the size of his role. Enjoy!  

Dramas With Korea's Top Charmer


W: Two Worlds Apart is a fictional drama and a perfect mix of romance, fantasy, and suspense. We find ourselves traveling between two worlds: the world of W, the most successful webtoon in South Korea, where Kang Chul lives (Lee Jong Suk) and the world we are more used to where Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joolives. 

Kang Chul is a famous businessman and former Olympic champion shooter, who was orphaned after the massacre of his family, a massacre he also was accused of being the offender. As a protagonist he is probably the type that most female readers easily fall for: he is rich, handsome, and has a smile that makes you fall to the ground. And, as the icing on the top of the cake, he has a caring personality, hiding a sad and touching story behind that gorgeous smile. All these things make him the perfect boyfriend material for the female audience. It is easy to think this role was made just for Lee Jong Suk since he executes the role to complete perfection. Treating the audience with an actor who exudes maturity with a real presence even in the most trivial scenes. Winning over many new fans due to not only his charisma but also his great acting skills, depicting the sudden changes in emotions really well.  And the way this is drawn makes Lee Jong Suk Look like an angel walking out of a webtoon. 

This drama really has it all and is sure to keep you on your toes and make your heart flutter. If you haven’t yet explored the world of W, let us tempt you to make the journey. 

Pulling off that sort of emotion takes some serious skills… 

While You Were Sleeping 

This is a drama where Lee Jong Suk is seen as Jung Jae Chan, a handsome, stubborn, righteous, and clumsy prosecutor and the son of a deceased police officer who starts getting premonition dreams (dreams that predict the future) after meeting  Nam Hong Ju (Bae Suzy), a girl who has had premonition dreams for a long time, yet has only been able to see the future but not do anything about it and has slightly given up on trying to change the future. But of course, this is Dramaland, and in Dramaland anything can happen, including getting Hong Ju to change her mind.  Although this drama got lots of hate from netizens, it has made a lasting impression in the hearts of both Sukkies and Sueweeties (Bae Suzy’s fans). Not to mention that While You Were Sleeping is ranked 10th among all the thousands of dramas found on MDL and for very good reason!  While the drama does have a unique concept that could easily lack logic it is both well written and perfectly delivered keeping us on our toes without making us confused.  

Lee Jung Suk shows a very cheerful and naughty side of himself in this drama when he interacts with Shin Jae Ha as they play the siblings. LJS also has one of Dramaland's best jealousy-driven bromances with Officer Han (Jung Hae In) and makes fireworks in the romance with Suzy, as well shows off as a very competent prosecutor. Just like in all the other dramas, he doesn’t fail to make us forget his real name and see him as his character. This one is totally worth your try even if you’re not his fan, but to be fair you may just become one after this. Source gif 2 


Here is a drama that is more or less guaranteed to keep you on your toes and feel every emotion possible with all things great about K-dramas incorporating: corruption, greed, missed opportunities, revenge, taking extreme measures to survive… All well packaged in a nice fluffy romance with a person who lacks the ability to lie. Lee Jong Suk played the role of Choi Dal Po / Ki Ha Myung, a young man who has lived in hiding after a set of tragic circumstances. This otherwise genius is oddly enough forced into playing the role of a complete fool to have a place to stay and survive in this harsh world. His character is very self-confident throughout the drama but other than that you get to see him both play a seemingly carefree lazy fool,

 A reporter who is kind of a jerk but also as the sweetest guy ever, and a genius…  sometimes even in the same episode. Oh and he is also very much in love, some would say slightly obsessed with the granddaughter of Choi Gong Pi (Byun Hee Bong), a man Ki Ha Myung kind of tricked into believing is his father. Letting you see a big part of the range this guy has to offer. 

I Hear Your Voice

In this mystery-law-noona-romance and thriller drama, Jong Suk is a 19-year-old boy/man who is more or less cluttered with other people's thoughts, having developed this ability to read other people's minds after a car accident (more like a murder attempt) where his father died. Clemi-chan wrote about Lee Jong Suk's in this drama in her A Stalker's Guide to Lee Jong Suk (2014) using such beautiful words as "Baby Suk" or "the kid with headphones" because he's seen wearing headphones throughout the drama. She called this drama a "masterpiece". And, we could not agree more. As we get to see a very young LJS, brilliantly portraying the role of a boy who can hear other people's thoughts, who tries to protect the people around him from a serial killer on the loose while being head over heels in love with an older woman and building a bromance with his love rival. 

Romance is a Bonus Book

This is one of those feel-good dramas that feel like cozying up with a good book. Lee Jong Suk plays the very successful author and partner in a publishing house, Cha Eun Ho, who has had a long-time crush on his newly divorced, slightly older childhood friend and fellow book lover Kang Da Ni (Lee Na Young).

Much like his other roles, he is very sweet, playful and of course charming. LJS uses not only his appearance and acting skills but also his beautiful voice to comfort and charm the viewers. While this drama is more of a mellow rom-com, that may not keep you on your toes all the time, it will certainly keep you wondering and smiling from time to time.

Just look at that face:

Doctor Stranger

This is a really interesting drama, actually tearing us fans apart while some would say this is the perfect drama for all those who love to have a happy ending after a tragic fate, others will say it is one of the most aggravating dramas out there and may just give you second lead syndrome.  But it doesn't matter who you ask, all will say that LJS made watching this all worthwhile with his extreme presence and killer charm. 

This drama is however a bit complicated but in short: LJS plays the role of Park Hoon, a cardio surgeon who: 

1. Was born in South Korea.

2. Then kidnapped alongside his genius surgeon father, to start a new life in North Korea due to some corrupt circumstances.

3. Is about to propose marriage to the love of his life.

4. The love of his life is taken in by North Korean authorities because she is Japanese, in fact.

5. He flees to Europe with the love of his life and an elaborate scheme after having found her after years.

6. The love of his life is killed, or is she?

7. Ends up as a general surgeon turned water boy in South Korea 

8. Becomes a surgeon in South Korea mixed up in a lot of drama, corruption, romance, skills, and more.

9.  Lee Jong Suk as Park Hoon makes the hearts of all his fans flutter alongside the female characters’. If you haven’t watched this yet. Let us lead the way to episode 1.

If you've watched Doctor Stranger, who were you hoping Park Hoon would end up with?

Was it his first love from the north: 

Or the new doctor from the south?  

Source 1, 23

School (2013)

School 2013 follows the daily life of the students of Seungri High School, ranked as one of the worst schools in Seoul in terms of results, "class 2-2", reputed to be the worst in the school, with the lowest averages of its students. That is a lot of worst! To accompany these students there are two teachers: 

1. The experienced Kang Se-Chan (Choi Daniel) and,

2. The novice Jung In-Jae (Jang Na Ra), with diametrically opposed teaching methods will face all the known archetypes of the school world.

On the students' side, the main role goes to Lee Jong Suk who plays Go Nam Soon. From the very first episodes, we easily fall in love with this discreet young man, who always seems lost elsewhere, tormented by a past, and yet charismatic. He gets elected as the class president thanks to the support of Oh Jeong Ho (Kwak Jung Wook), one of the high school gang members. And from then on we follow the story of this motley crew of students. 

Unlike many school dramas, School 2013 is much more realistic. It does not have any last-minute bounces, and it does not show the regular cliche: a magical teacher arrives, and boom! Everybody is studying hard and is succeeding. Instead, we get to see actual human beings.  Oh, and we are going to assume you already know about the bromance between Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo (Kim Woo Bin) which is an institution almost as well known to K-drama fans as the presence of Ramen and Subway PPL. 

Source: 1,2

The Hymn Of Death

Lee Jong Suk plays the role of Woo Jin here and his co-star Shin Hye Sun is seen as Shim Deok,  two tragic lovers in The Hymn of Death. The story is set in 1920s Korea, under Japanese occupation. Shim Deok, a virtuoso singer, and Woo Jin, a playwright, meet in 1921 in Japan during the production of a play. Over the years, their relationship encounters many obstacles. 

They are torn between the irreconcilable forces of their passions and filial piety. Shim Deok realizes that her parents only expect her to sacrifice herself for her family, even if it means losing her soul. After trying to get her married, they force her to agree to sing for the Japanese. Woo Jin's passion for writing is thwarted by his father who demands that he take over the family business. His father forbids his son to express his personality and orders his devoted wife to go and convince him to give in unconditionally. More than the passion of love, it’s the communion of the individual sufferings of these two people that makes the interest of this atypical melodrama that treats the fate of its couple with modesty until the last shot.

To bring Woo Jin to life, Lee Jong Suk gives us most of the time a much more sober interpretation, his reading voice, facial expressions limited to convey the melancholy and inner struggle of his character. Making this into a short but unforgettable window into a tragic story that will most probably leave you in tears feeling their sorrow and pain.

Source pic: 1,2

High Kick! The Revenge of the Short Legged

This is the one drama none of us three has actually watched. Yes, we admit it, we may be fans, but we are also humans with priorities in our lives. For some reason, a 123 episode sitcom from 2011 does not make us run to the streaming sites, no matter how pretty the number 123 is and how much we love Lee Jong Suk. Or at least not in time for us to finish this fan guide. However, for those of you who do love sitcoms, this seems to be a great one: 5 out of 6 reviews on MDL (February 18th, 2022) praise Lee Jong Suk's character and acting skills. They may not all name him by name, but we are going to assume it is actually LJS`s character they are praising the most. If you are reading this and have actually seen this drama, please comment below and tell us and the other readers your thoughts.

Movies With That Same Charmer

Hot Young Bloods 

This movie is like a blast from the past, with Lee Jong Suk playing the casanova (a real playboy) of the village, who seems to flirt with anyone but the female lead: childhood friend and leader of a girl gang (Park Bo Young). The amount of charm portrayed in this movie seems to be almost endless. If it weren't for the sight of him trying to avoid some slight confrontation with some gang members, who kind of kick his ass. As well as the occasional fall here and there. Whenever he is not being beaten up, he is most probably charming some girl with his smile and creative pick up lines. We can not help but wonder could you resist such a line as: 

“You have the whitest elbows I've ever seen.”

We know we would find it hard to resist if that line came from those lips…  

Jokes aside, his character may not always be the best boyfriend material. However as the movie goes on we get to understand his depth more and more, and by the end scene of this movie you are sure to find yourself smiling. 

No Breathing

No Breathing is such a fun movie with lots of humor and pretty shots of men in swimsuits as most of the people do tend to breathe in this movie about holding one's breath, but some of these scenes are bound to take your breath away… Okay, enough of the breathing jokes. This is such a fun movie though Seo In Guk's character in this movie could have been better.
Note: Seo In Guk did a great job with what he was given, it is not his faulttthe writers made him a gluttonous fool.
Lee Jong Suk's character is more or less flawless, and we say this not only because this is a guide dedicated to swooning over him but because his character was really fun to watch and well performed.
Here he plays the great swimmer Jung Woo Sang. A boy who has won a bunch of medals and is South Korea's top swimmer. So yep a pretty great swimmer, with lots, and lots of scenes by the pool.  However, this great swimmer has been forced to take a detour back to school after being caught in a small scandal with a punch or two involved… His character is kind of cold and introverted (still charming of course), and does not seem to want to make any friends. However, things happen, feelings occur… Giving us viewers some pretty great friendships, swimming, rivalry over both a medal and a girl. Oh, and another one of Dramaland's best Bromances, but what else would we expect of Dramaland's Prince of Bromance.


V.I.P. will probably remain in the minds of Lee Jong Suk’s fans as his first antagonist role.

If there are those who used to think Lee Jong Suk only relies on his good looks and charms for his previous roles as the male lead in romantic dramas (yes he is very good-looking and very charming). His role In V.I.P. was certain to prove them otherwise. Showing viewers a very different side of Lee Jong Suk's range, playing the role of Kim Gwang Il, the son of the North Korean leader, as well as a murderous psychopath.

The first scene in the movie to truly reveal Kim Gwang Il's personality is a  scene where he is portrayed calmly reading a book. Sounds innocent enough, just that this book is being read while his friends are torturing a young North Korean girl, followed by him showing us what lies behind his impassive mask of calmness: a dark and brutal psychopath who treats women like objects and takes pleasure in killing them. All brilliantly done in absolute silence. As viewers we only hear the agonized breath of the girl, bringing chills down our spines.

Kim Gwang Il's character is mostly portrayed by the use of facial expressions. Making use of a dark look to show madness and danger,  a sarcastic, ironic smile reflects his dark soul. Forcing LJS to leave his charismatic charm out of the picture and instead show a complete lack of emotions. This is definitely not the Lee Jong Suk we are used to but the result is amazing!

The Face Reader

The story takes place in 1455, during the Sejo reign of the Joseon dynasty. In this movie, Lee Jong Suk plays Nae Jin Hyung the son of the main character:  Nae-Kyung (Song Kang Ho), the son (making Jin Hyung the grandson) of a noble family who has suffered a reversal of fortune. Nae-Kyung is also a man who has a special talent: being able to assess a person's personality and guess their habits just by looking at their face. A talent that leads Nae-Kyung to become involved in power struggles at the top of the state.

Despite  LJS  being listed as the main character,  he actually has very limited screen time.  His role is that of a young man who goes against his family's ways and talent, a kind-hearted young man wanting to help people by becoming a government official.

Considering this was his first movie role, Lee Jong Suk delivered an acceptable performance. The change between the poor young man and the official is noticeable in both his walk and his way of speaking. Giving us a clear reference to how far he has come in his acting skills. It is also pretty rare to see Lee Jong Suk in silk robes and long hair. so that can also be a good reason to watch this.

Sympathy (2005)

This 15-minute short film is probably not Lee Jong Suk's proudest moment and maybe one of his least seen titles. It can be found unsubbed on Youtube at this point in time it has been seen by 284 people on MDL. But do not let the lack of subs scare you off, you really do not need them to understand the plot.

LJS plays a lonely boy living alone with a father who would rather go drinking than celebrate his kid's birthday. LJS character is shown as caring, responsible, and in big need of a hug. Most of the film is pretty quiet, showing LJS home alone wearing sweatpants. However, hearing  Lee Jong Suk ( probably the only way to be sure it is LJS) singing happy birthday to himself is oddly touching. The film does portray a reality that many children do live in, and it is made with such low quality that it becomes hilarious to watch. So for those who can laugh at the low quality and life's misfortunes and want to see where this star started out, it is definitely a fun watch.  
Birthday alone.. 

Cleaning alone...

Just alone... 

Not the lead but as charming as ever

Besides having a whole bunch of leading roles, LJS has charmed people as a supporting character. In Secret Garden, he has a very memorable role as a young daring man with a crush on the much older second male lead (Oska played by Yoon Sang Hyun). He can also be seen playing supporting roles in Prosecutor Princess and the movies Soar into the SunAs One, and Be With Me. He has also starred in some commercial short dramas like 7 First Kisses and Lock&Lock Astrology leaving the fans completely charmed by his character there.

Who can forget the short and appearances in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, as a customer at the Bok chicken restaurant where he was shown as Jong Suk, a shooting champion from the same university as Kim Bok Joo, made in perfect reference with his character in the drama W, giving us 5 seconds of pure charm that may flash by quicker than this sentence but leave an impression that lasts for years. If you have seen the star-named dramas  Go Ho's Starry Night and or Potato Star 2013QR2, you will have noticed the short appearance of the brightest star of them all, LJS, as he shines with his very short but yet again memorable presence there too. 

Source: 1, 2 

 Upcoming projects

Lee Jong Suk was released from the army on January 2nd, 2022 (Soompi), but has already several projects planned as well as one that has been left behind...

Jade Lovers (Cancelled)

Yes it is canceled but a few girls can dream can't they... As he was supposed to play one of those cold on the outside warm on the inside... in a historical setting... oh well, maybe one day... 

The Witch: Part 2. The Other One

This movie is the sequel to The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion  (as the name entails). Part one was a Supernatural, Action, Mystery Thriller that seems to have something to do with a witch escaping and amnesia. We know nothing about part two, more than that LJS is supposed to appear in it and that only is bound to raise the quality of this production. 

Big Mouse

Here we finally get to see LJS play the lead in a full-length drama. In this 16-episode, law, mystery, thriller drama that is set to air around May (we hope), LJS plays the role of a lawyer a role we know he is bound to pull off and could probably act in his sleep... reference intended since it shares both the director and part of the cast from While You Were Sleeping and is bound to be one of 2022 most anticipated productions.


This movie is probably one of 2022's most anticipated movies with a starstutted cast, explosive plot and a bunch of people in uniform as Lee Jong Suk plays a naval officer dressed in white.


This is truly our Achilles heel. We love watching Lee Jong Suk in movies and dramas but none of us actually watch variety and tv shows so we have no clue about how he is in these. However, we did do our research! Just kidding, we copy-pasted the titles and added them to Lee Jong Suks fan forum here on MDL, where you readers can fill in the blanks for us! And join the fan club/cult too.  
Since we are so kind we also made tables for his dramas and movies while we were at it.
Lee Jong Suk started modeling at the age of 15, and in 2005 he was the youngest male model to walk the Seoul Collection catwalks and was praised for having:

“At the age of 15, he stood on the Seoul Collection catwalks, becoming the youngest male model in 2005. During those years he worked as a model, he was praised by many as a model who had the image of a boy and a grown man coexisting inside him..”(The Koren Times)

Since then he seems to have done it all from the catwalks of Soul, to Vogue and the streets of New York… making way for many beautiful, beautiful pictures for us fans to look at.
Pic source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-6


Accomplishments and rewards

Lee Jong Suk has 44 award nominations listed on Wikipedia (February 18th, 2022), of which he has won 25. Among them are several Grand Prize awards, a bunch for best couple, best actor, top excellency and even won the Model Star award…


His nickname is "Giving Angel"

He is one of few Korean actors who has a wax doll displayed in Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong and guess what, he is wearing a pink suit... Just like this guide is.


Loves animals 

"Lee Jong Suk adopted two puppies after visiting a pet shop in Gangnam."



He may not be a singer but he did sing for the OST for While You Were Sleeping, you can hear his voice here:

He may not be a dancer but the boy can dance...

Gif made from this video, click on the pictures to get to the full video.

He may not be a pianist but he can also play the piano... And he may not be a fighter but the boy knows how to fight... 

 (as well as Taekwondo) 

Pic source

Co-Stars: The Game


To win: Watch and name titles that fill a whole row/column or a diagonal.

What to do: You have to watch a drama/movie where LJS is one of the casts and one of the following persons is and mark a heart on the ones you've seen.

What happens  after winning: Once you've bingo-ed a row/column/diagonal, you have to post the picture of it in our LJS's MDL fandom and you'll be one of the famed people in the hall of fame!

You are allowed to: 

1. Use titles you have seen previously (no need to re-watch).

2. Use the same title more than once if it fits in. 

3. Start watching the title that is missing after you have read this fan guide, and get back to us when you are done! 

So basically, you never lose! 

P.s. You will find your way back to LJS if you look in the co-stars' credits.






Last words from us, "Sukkies Angels" 

Thank you all for visiting our guide, we hope you enjoyed reading it, here are some of our individual thoughts about composing this fan guide together.

I was deciding on quitting this because I had so many problems, you see, writing a fan guide alone is such a tiresome task and I was done with nothing before ManUtiavN and Shiro joined me. I have not counted how many times we edited each other's parts and added so many things to it. Though we were all Lee Jong  Suk's fans, we had different opinions of different dramas and tried to incorporate them into one. This is my third article in fact and while we were writing this, lots of things were going on with me including my exams and the death of a really close one but both of my dear sunbaes were really really patient with me and I'm very thankful to them for that.
I was really happy when XieLalisa let me and ManUtiavN in on this guide to our beloved Cutie Lee. Working together on articles can often be a challenge, and to be honest even a bit messy until you piece all the pieces together, but it is so much fun. I especially love working together on fan guides, because we get to fangirl together and explore more ground... I am really impressed by how easy it was to communicate over timezones and generation gaps. But mostly I am impressed by my co-writers' enthusiasm and love for this actor and I do hope it showed in this guide.
I was the least organized of the three of us and honestly, the whole artistic part of a fan guide often escapes me, I'm not an artist by nature (lol). But I love working with other people, it's always interesting to see the point of view of other fans and our teamwork was fun because we worked at our own pace and helped each other.  Thanks to XieLisa and Shiro for their kindness, their understanding, and for correcting my typos.

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