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你好 (Hello)! I've recently gotten into articles due to my boredom so here I am!

I have always loved historical dramas and I'm excited about the new upcoming ones! This article will range from serious dramas to more lighthearted ones as everyone has their own preference. I'm personally open to all of them but I hope you can give them all a try once they air.

There are many more historical dramas upcoming on the website and if I included them all this article would never end so I only put a few.

The majority of these dramas do not have a specific air date as I only have the basic knowledge of the year.

Hope you enjoy my article!

The Promise of Chang'an (2020)

The story is set in the fictitious Sheng country. He Lan Ming Yu (Sarah Zhao) is an honest and bright young lady. In her young years, she gets to know the 9th Prince Xiao Cheng Xu (Cheng Yi) by chance. The two get along well and gradually develop feelings for each other. However, fate turns against them and while fake news that Cheng Xu died on the battlefield spread, Ming Yu is forced to marry Cheng Xu’s third older brother and reigning king Xiao Cheng Rui (Han Dong). Cheng Xu helps Cheng Rui establish a great and stable country through continuous big achievements on the battlefield, but Cheng Rui is filled with jealousy towards his outstanding younger brother. 

When the truth about the death of Cheng Xu’s mother comes to light, Cheng Xu is determined to usurp the throne to take revenge. But before Cheng Xu succeeds, Cheng Rui dies from an old illness after ordering his son Xiao Qi Yuan (Zhao Dong Ze) to succeed the throne. Cheng Xu is forced to assist Qi Yuan while he grows up and tries to revive his relationship with Ming Yu at the same time. Qi Yuan, however, is dissatisfied with Cheng Xu controlling him. When he finds out that his uncle has an affair with his mother, his hate towards Cheng Xu grows immensely. Ming Yu tries her best to reconcile her son with Cheng Xu.

The Golden Hairpin (2021)

At thirteen, investigative prodigy Huang Zixia (Yang Zi) had already proved herself by aiding her father in solving confounding crimes. At seventeen, she’s on the run, accused of murdering her family to escape an arranged marriage. Driven by a single-minded pursuit, she must use her skills to unmask the real killer… and clear her name.  But when Huang Zixi seeks the help of Li Shubai (Kris Wu), the Prince of Kui, her life and

freedom are bargained: agreeing to go undercover as his eunuch to stop a serial killer and to undo a curse that threatens to destroy the Prince’s life. Huang Zixia’s skills are soon tested when Li Shubai’s betrothed vanishes. With a distinctively exquisite golden hairpin as her only clue, Huang Zixia investigates—and discovers that she isn’t the only one in the guarded kingdom with a dangerous secret.

Marry Me (2020)

This is the love story of the 2nd brother of the Dragon Family. He is one of the most successful businessmen in the capital and one of the Emperor’s favorites – he is the most eligible bachelor in the capital and every lady in town wants to marry him.

The story starts with the female lead, Ju Mu Er (Shane Yan), a blind teacher of guzheng, who goes to pay a visit to Long Yue (Xing Zhao Lin) to ask him to build an awning on his popular business street so her friend, a flower seller, will not get wet and fall sick. Long Yue laughs at her (because he loves money and is calculative) and she makes a bet with him that she can allow him to escape from a pesky female suitor without making it obvious.
She successfully wins the bet and from then on, Long Yue constantly makes her life trouble (since she costs him so much money)… not realizing he is slowly falling for her.

The Young Lady of The General's House (2020)

A notorious general and an aristocrat's daughter hold each other's hands to spend a lifetime together whilst protecting what's precious to them.

Shen Jin (Tang Min) grew up in luxury as a member of the royal family. After the emperor decrees an arranged marriage, she is married off to a general who defends the borders. Although she falls in love with her husband, general Chu Xiu Ming (Caesar Wu), at first sight, she finds it difficult to blend in.

Shen Jin gradually sheds her spoiled and entitled attitude and becomes a force to be reckoned with. With her unconventional methods, she solves many of the army's problems and becomes to earn their trust and respect. However, there has been a shakeup in the imperial courts and the Chu army becomes a target. Shen Jin's parents are held hostage against their will while Shen Jin receives orders to act as a spy for the emperor. Can the married couple weather the storms to find happiness and peace?

(Filming began September 16, 2019, which may lead to a possible delay due to COVID-19)

The Chang'an Youth (2020)

Currently Airing [April 20 - May 11]

On her way to get married, a series of events lead Shen Yiyi (Uvin Wang)to enter a school in disguise as a boy. This is a story that follows the exploits of the five sons of Shangyiguan.

Shen Yiyi is an ordinary cook from the market. In order to repay a debt, she agrees to substitute for her good friend in marriage and travels to Chang'An in her stead. Along the way, she ends up in disguise as a gentleman and meets Yang Zi'an (Caesar Wu), a young man carrying out orders from the King. She also meets the sweet second prince Li Xinyuan (Qi Pei Xin), the high and mighty swordsman Dugu Muxue (Liu Yi Chang) and the handsome flower boy Tang Jiuhua (Xie Bin Bin). In their pursuit of education, the five who bear secrets of their own learn to trust each other and become friends, thus starting them on an exciting school life that brings them face to face with a mysterious case and corrupt officials.

Legend of Awakening (2020)

Currently Airing [April 23 - ?]

In the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era, young Lu Ping (Arthur Chen) escapes the wicked forces of Shanhai Tower and discovers his spiritual identity in a moment of enlightenment – or rather, his spiritual identities, as he becomes aware of six distinct souls revolving through his being. When Lu later begins to train and grow under his teacher’s masterful guidance, he meets eternal brethren and earns the affection of the young miss Qin Sang (Cheng Xiao) along the way. All is going well until a vision reveals his relationship to an unresolved crime in the martial arts world of a decade earlier.

A young maidservant named Liu Ying (Bambi Zhu) saves a snake on behalf of her young mistress in a chance encounter. However, the snake turns out to be a thousand-year ancient dragon named Yuchu Longyan (Dylan Wang), who now wants to marry her to repay her kindness. The two's lives then become entangled with each other as their love transcends over three lifetimes.

Qing Lian (He Hong Shan) is content to lead an ordinary life and aspires for a suitor who only has eyes for her, yet is instead forced to marry into the royal family. She discovers her husband He Lian Xin (Peter Ho) is not the heartless and stone-faced noble he presents himself to be, and secretly helps him navigate the treacherous waters, earning his affection and respect in the process.

During the Later Zhou Dynasty, the Fu family was the focus of world attention to the well-known prophecy given to Fu Yan Qing that states that one of the daughters of the Fu family would become the future Empress. This leads to people assuming that by destroying the Fu sisters, they will indirectly destroy the throne. With the passing of Guo Wei, the fate of the throne is left unresolved. Under the irony of fate, the two sisters end up falling for two men who are against each other. Facing the dark tides brewing within the Zhou Dynasty, the two sisters do not forget their beginnings and work together to secure the reign of Zhou.

Set in Republican-era Shanghai, Gu Man Zhen (Rulu Jiang) works as an assistant in a factory, while Gu Man Lu (Carina Lau) works at a nightclub to support the family. Gu Man Zhen falls in love with the wealthy Shen Shi Jun (Joe Cheng), a young engineer who happens to be engaged.
Gu Man Lu marries the lustful Zhu Hong Cai (Guo Xiao Dong), though he is unable to prevent him from hankering after her younger sister. Gu Man Zhen and Shen Shi Jun meet again a decade later when both are married and try not to let societal expectations ruin their prospects for happiness.  


I hope you try these out once they air!

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