@starwillshine now that I saw your post, I might pick up these two dramas. I don't know why I dropped them thought but I'm giving them another chance once I get to catch up with the dramas I'm watching right now. Thanks.

I also looked at your dropped list and I saw you didn't like LIE TO ME. I personally enjoyed this one to the point that I re-watched it 3 times already. It was one of the first dramas that I watched. 
You are just two chapters finished Miss Korea and City Hall!! 

Miss Korea, is not the best drama, but it's nice. The end is not the best, but it is not sad.

City Hall, is pure fun from start to finish. Do not miss it!
I totally love Shopping King Louie ;; It's light and very easy to watch in my opinion. Extremely cute and simple, though I suppose if naive characters are not your thing it's a bit frustrating... I do recommend you watch at least up to six though! It's a drama that you have to watch without taking it seriously though. :3

I've only dropped a few so recommend off my on-hold list too since those will be dropped next...
I highly recommend that you finish Bromance. It feels a bit silly and slow at first but the last 10 episodes really make it worth it. The main couple have really good chemistry and you'll be missing out on some of the best kisses I've ever seen in a Taiwanese drama.

I also recommend you finish Kaseifu no Mita. While it is a slower drama, it's story is really touching and realistic which is something that cannot be said for a lot of dramas these days.
From your on hold list, I 'd say city hall, It was really a good memory for me.

Concerning Bridal mask, I know this is really a brilliant one, but I myself put it on my on hold list as it was too intense for me , so I wouldn't dare to advise you one this point ^^

From your dropped list, I recommend To the beautiful you, but perhaps more than that: Hana Kimi, the first Japanese adaption of the story. It's really a classic & hilarious! Then, if you liked it, perhaps you would want to try the Korean version :3

From your on-hold list, I recommend 1 litre of tears. You've watched almost all of it, only 2 episodes to go! It's such a beautiful drama, I hope you will finish it :)

edit: Orange was in Plan to Watch list. I get why you dropped Misaki Number One!! - dropped that too.
What orange? there's no orange *-*

edit: that's not the point of the game though... :( suggesting me to "give a second chance" for something i haven't even tried yet doesn't make much sense, does it? ;)

can you give me a proper suggestion anyway? thanks!

for you, i'd suggest giving a second chance to Last Friends, it's a really good drama. although i understand that you would drop it if you're uncomfortable with the abusive relationship the main character is in.

Padam Padam, I like very much! If you give it a chance, you might like it too. ;)

From your on-hold list, I really recommend you start watching Secret again. As it got more and more into the story, I wasn't able to take my eyes off of it.
ViolinGal - you do not have a single dropped drama?! Amazing!

PTW list:
Bloody Monday
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Hotaru no Hikari
Kazoku Game

What's Up Fox? Old drama that worth watching.
Cinderella & The Four Knights 
I Remember You
Uncontrollably Fond... the ending makes it all worth it! 
I hear your voice.
To the beautiful you
Witch's romance