Age of youth, such a good drama :)
Love in the Moonlight, Splash Splash LOVE <3
woah you have so many dramas on your plan to watch list :O 
49 days is a must watch
Coffee prince (watched it twice, one of the best RomCom(s) )
Tree of heaven ( tear-jerker )
boku no ita jikan ( sad, but a really good one )
These drama are on my favorite list.
Yeah, because I don't have enough time to watch everything I wish to see and there are so many dramas :( I haven't seen even some of the classics (like Coffee Prince), because of lack of free time :(
Thanks for recommendations! :)

Autumn's Concerto(romantic, but with a serious tone, I loved it)
D-Day(romantic ass well, but made me think a lot about what if something like that actually happened and how people survive through these kind of terrible events)
It Started with a Kiss (cute and fuzzy)
Splash Splash LOVE (cute and fuzzy as well and it's short, so doesn't take a lot of time, but really it's really worth it)
They Kiss Again (ISWAK season 2, really adorable <3)

Movies I recommend:

A Werewolf Boy - a DEFINITE must watch.

Dramas I recommend:

Another Miss Oh***
City Hunter
Coffee Prince
I Hear Your Voice***
It's Okay, That's Love***
Marriage Contract
Page Turner
Scent of a Woman***
Secret (Korean drama)
That Winter, The Wind Blows***
The Greatest Love***
The Princess' Man***
You Who Came From the Stars***

*** Means that it is in my top 10.

a few movies I suggest are house of flying daggers, bleak night & I'm a cyborg but that's ok. for dramas, I rec incomplete life/misaeng (a must-watch imo!), juhan shuttai, missing noir m, age of youth, 99.9: criminal lawyer, dream high, my name is kim sam soon, white christmas, & old farewell.
I would recommend Ip man, and  rurouni kenshin. both have great acting, great fight choreography, and over all i just found them to be very enjoyable.
TPAM is a sentai fan :), but ill recommend YWCFTS
Hana Kimi Special
You and me :)
Love in the Moonlight & Splash Splash LOVE - they're so good <3 especially Splash Splash <3
@Aiste, a very long list you have there!

Highly recommend, must watch:

Buzzer Beat
I Am Sorry, I Love You
It's Okay, That's Love
Nodame Cantabile
Love Shuffle

Also recommend:

High-end Crush
Hotaru no Hikari
Marriage Contract
My girl (Jdrama)
Oh My Ghost
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
Can you hear my heart