So there is this thing running around facebook, that I can't take part in because I am the ONLY Asian Drama fan in my groups of friends. So I though I would port it here. :) 

Last Movie: Always  Last TV show: Legend of the blue sea.   I'm good. ;) 

Last Movie: So I Married an Anti-Fan  

Last Show: Leh Ratree

I'd say my chances are pretty good. 

Last Movie: Secretly, Greatly
Last TV show: Just Between Lovers
I might need some help.. but I'm pretty good with them kidnapping me XD ..but seriously my chances are pretty low ^^"

Last Movie: The Yellow Sea

Last TV Show: Prison Playbook

I'm dead meat.

Last movie: Vampire Cleanup Department

Last tv show: I'm Not a Robot

Last movie: Train to Busan

Last TV show: Just Between Lovers

I'm doomed. no--I'm already a zombie, so saving me won't do any good. it'll just make things worse. 

Last Movie: Confession of Murder (2017)

Last TV Show: Doubtful Victory

My chances are good, i guess...

Lmao I'm pretty much done for :')

Last movie: The Handmaiden

Last drama: A Love So Beautiful

Last movie: My Palpitating Life
Last drama: Nothing to Lose

My chances are good, a trust you, Judge Sah and Judge Lee ^u^

Last Movie: Midnight Runners

Last drama: Just Between Lovers

There is a chance I'd get rescued. But Seriously, do i really need rescuing? I actually really want to stay kidnapped. 

Last movie: Hellcats

Last drama: Stranger

I feel like I would be rescued but not in the best shape  (๑ʘ∆ʘ๑)

Last Movie: When a wolf falls in love with a sheep

Last TV Show: Two Cops

I guess I am safe. 

Round 2:

Last Movie: umm... I can't remember

Last: Time Between Dog and Wolf, so it really wouldn't matter which movie I watched. I'm Good. :) 

Last movie: Inside men the original

Last TV show: Modern farmer

No chances at all. The guys in the movie are so scary ! The characters in the drama are too kind and clumsy to face them.

Last movie: Method

Last show: Running Man

Chances are pretty good..I think.