Assume something about the person above you.


Person 1's favorite dramas are Iljimae, The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Warrior Baek Dong Su, and Hong Gil Dong.

Person 2: "I assume the person above me prefers watching historical dramas."
I assume the person above me watches mostly or only korean stuffs.
likes both jap and kor dramas
I assume if bannie could only choose one country to watch its dramas, it'd probably be Japan
chappelle pretty much only watches korean dramas and fangirls over korean actors
bannie has a hidden soft side
sounds gay. =(
bannie would have fun playing with a person's guts during surgery
has paid attention to bannies posts
Fanboy of Eun Yun Hye and Ayase Haruka.
shaz22's ultimate bias is Kim Jae Wook
Doesn't have My Girlfriend is a Gumiho on its Watched nor PTW list so... MeiLi is clearly a bad person!
Likes Korean dramas and Shin Min Ah
@Goliath1357 has watched a lot of dramas and movies from everywhere and I assume she's not gonna stop now!! :D