I found a game on LJ and thought it would be interesting to tweak it and play here on mdl/


1. Someone asks a question (eg. How are you feeling?) The question can be anything about the person to post after you.

2. The next person to post must go to their iTunes/ipod, Winamp, Windows media player etc. and put their player on shuffle click next and use the next song that comes up to answer the question. It does not matter how serious or silly the song title is in relation to the question. (actually the sillier the better :D)
eg. Q: How are you feeling? A: how am i suppose to live without you (micheal bolton)...seriously i can't believe... of all songs to pop up lol!

3. Once you have your song title answer to the question it's your turn to ask the question for the person who will post after you.

4. You can't answer your own question.

5. Please keep it clean and friendly for all ages on mdl and have fun!!!

okay I will start with the 1st question

Q: What did you do today?
Leaving of Liverpool- Young Dubliners

What's your favourite thing to do?
hanging tough- new kids on the block

what did u have for lunch?
Never Ending Story (Within Temptation)

Q: Are you hungry?
Akuma wo nemurasete (Let the demons sleep) - Kagiyama Yuka (randomly downloaded a drama's OST, don't even know this artist xd)

What will you reply when confessed to?
Cheeseburgers in Paradise

Q: What are you doing?

if you could be anything other than human what would you be?
OVER DRIVE - Stereopony

Q: How do you drink your favorite drink?
Star, star, star (SNSD)

Are you happy?
Hitotsu - Alan

Q: What's the best book you've read?
One Of A Kind (CN Blue)

Which is your favorite dessert?
mmmm bop- hanson

what is ur type?
Why? (Keep Your Head Down)- (TVXQ)

Do you like music?
Dead end (Fukurokouji) - Takanashi Yasuharu

The first thing you do when you wake up?
Stand My Ground (Within Temptation)

Q:How did you feel after watching your first drama?