I don't know why, but I'm one of the fujoshi in the US. The fact that the sensor so many TV shows and movies, it's really irritating. Just in NYC (where I live), they recognize 31 different genders so why is China (who am I freaking love dramas from) is being so conservative? The same goes for Korean dramas... Please, be more open. You have a global audience that expects more open minded from you.  

You need to look at the fact China and the U.S are 2 completely different cultures. Comparing them is like trying to compare apples and cars..just not gonna happen and no they do not have a global audience. We gave them the global audience by subbing the shows that come from there and other countries. We are the ones that need to understand their culture and enjoy it. It may seem annoying but only because it is something we are not used having to deal with. We need to respect their culture and not expect them to become something to fit what we think is needed in a t.v show movie etc. 

I love their culture, it is beautiful and rich, it may not be up to what everyone thinks or wants but they are changing in views of t.v and such slowly...just give it sometime :o)