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so far mine is because subs come out fairly quick and you can download episodes !

viki for some of the shows they have. Though I wish they'd have more shows. I also wish their translators/sub-ers improved a bit.

dramafire coz no pop-up ads. The recent uploaded vids are good quality (300+mb each ep). good subs too. is really fast at subbing!! is uploads quickly with good quality and small size.

I like fastdrama, dramacools and kissasian, I used to use dramafire but I prefer sites with 720p quality videos (I watch dramas on my computer/laptop)

I like to watch on KissAsian when I'm not crazy about waiting for a subbed episode. When I literally cannot wait for subs, I watch on (their subs usually come out 2-4 hours after the raw ep is released). I like to download from , , and

i like gostream the best because it shows you all the options for the dramas underneath just incase one's subs are messed up or they just don't work, the only problem is they don't have a ton shows or movies.  if i can't find what i want on gostream, i look on boxasian. i like the set up (especially the most viewed section on the side) and they usually have nice subs and the drama i want.

if the drama or movie i want isn't on either of those two i will look on dramafever or newasaintv.  newasaintv has more options for free compared to dramafever, but they have pop-ups that i don't like. the dramas that dramafever has, always have good quality dramas and subs. the only con i have for dramafever is the sizing of their subs (you can't change it much) and the fact that they don't have that many dramas for free (but i can understand that, they need money to keep the site up and running)