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I know I'm probably going too get some hate for this but I can't watch K-Dramas because too many shows have romance. Even the ones that genres don't revolve around romance it's always there in any form of fashion in your face. Every year there are so many dramas with the same romance in my opinion of boyxgirl but different plots and characters. There are not any K-Dramas with just comedy, family, friendship's, ect. If there are any without any romance  can you give me some please? And if there are any people who feel the same let me know what you don't watch K-Dramas. I don't hate them, I used to watch them when I was younger but now it's just kinda "meh" for me. Idk let me know what you guys think. 

I'm sorry this was so long. 

I stopped watching K-dramas years ago, but every once in a great while I'll watch one ..... My main reason is that I got tired of the superficiality.   Although, there are a few from last few years that I know I will love (SFD, Signal, etc...) , but not in the mood for k-anything  just yet.

My reason is lack of time, I tend to avoid rom coms anyway but look out for dramas with other themes. I also don't restrict myself to just K-dramas because there's a lot of choice and variety when you branch out to other countries. So far this year I've seen one K-drama (Memory) 8 months ago and now I'm on my 2nd one (Stranger). Spacing out K-dramas seems to work well for me because it feels quite refreshing getting back into them again after a long break. Picking the right K-drama helps of course :)

I can suggest Signal if you haven't seen it :)

I have like "season" for watching dramas. Once I start watching dramas, I go on watching K, C, J-dramas continuously for days and once I stop, I don't watch for months. And it's really true that almost every dramas have romance in it. Like seriously, the drama can have action, guns, explosions, murders etc. etc. but the leads will most likely end up sucking each others faces 7 episodes in. Not that I'm complaining. lol

zeamays Volunteer Staff

Romance in and of itself doesn't bother me if it makes sense in the context of the show (although it's by far not my favorite genre).  I agree that romance is sometimes shoehorned into things it doesn't belong in just because it somehow MUST have romance.  So I can see your point.

I still watch kdramas though ;)

Shows that didn't have much romance, and what there was didn't feel unnatural or irritating (to me) and that I highly recommend in general:

  1. A Man's Story
  2. Awl
  3. Solomon's Perjury
  4. Signal
  5. Bad Guys (the side story love line was pretty minor, but I actively liked it!)

Although most of those are on the darker side...Solomon's Perjury might be your best bet, since it's more friendship and school along with darker themes and has some cute lighter moments too.

Oh My Geum Bi also didn't have much romance, since it's about a kid.  Also sad though.  But I would consider it a family drama, in a lot of ways, and also has lighter moments.

You might also try the k-version of Late Night Restaurant/Midnight Diner.  It's episodic, and not all stories are romance, so I guess you could just skip the ones that annoy you, haha.

Many thriller dramas have no romance in them.
Like: Signal, Voice, Missing Noir M, Bad Guys, Tunnel.
Also I'd recommend Chief Kim because it has no romance and it's an amazing drama and very unique also!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions :)

I'm the same, I just recently started watching K-drama, I've watched J-drama for years, and I noticed right away that they like to shove some sort of romance in your face which unfortunately is probably why I haven't finished a K-drama at this moment.

For example K2 is really good, lots of action and excitement and suddenly there's a romance that was not wanted and certainly not needed which caused me to put it aside for now. I still plan to finish it but that did put me off a bit. Not that I don't like romance but I don't feel the need to see it in every show I watch, especially if the show does not have romance as a main genre.

There are a lot with little to no romance.

White Christmas

Save Me

Cruel City (sounds like romance but it only plays a small role, hardly there)

Defendant (not much romance)

Angry Mom


Liar Game

Avengers Social Club just started, is great so far, and seems like it will have no romance.

You should definitely check out the dramas zeamays, Kairi and Songyi recommended! Hello Monster is also really good but got romance between the male and female lead - yet I think a lot of us who watched it focused much more on the relationship between the male lead and his brother.

If you wanted something with almost 0% romance though, you could check out:

  • Dear My Friends (very little romance but focuses much more on friendships)
  • The Guardians (pretty much no romance; a friendship grows when a group of people get together to get justice/revenge)
  • School 2013 (much more bromance and focus on the friendships between classmates)

I like romance, but I stopped watching KDrama since 2 years ago. KDrama are so popular and high rated and it makes me to not notice great dramas from other countries. After I started watching other countries dramas, I can say there are a lot of great dramas and great actors, and even they are not as popular as KDramas and korean actors but they are definitely better. Plus when I hear about an actor's popularity from other countries, I usually say: 'She/He deserve it, her/his acting is really perfect' , but when it comes to korean actors, sometimes they are so overrated: like Lee Min Ho.

I do not like watching (but I watch every now and then, Full House if my favorite) because it is too long for my attention span. lol. I really prefer the JDrama length of 10-12 episodes. Not too dragging.

And another I prefer the lead guys to be manly. I find some if not most, Korean actors to feminine looking.



I do not like watching (but I watch every now and then, Full House if my favorite) because it is too long for my attention span. lol. I really prefer the JDrama length of 10-12 episodes. Not too dragging.

And another I prefer the lead guys to be manly. I find some if not most, Korean actors to feminine looking.


Well I have no problem with feminine looking Korean guys because I'm into K-pop. So looking really feminine is not really a bad thing, but i know that it's not everyone's taste so I respect your opinion. Thanks for replying too.

For me, KDramas are overrated. Well, here in our country it's really overrated that if someone sees you watching a drama regardless if it's Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese - as long as the actors are Asian, they will definitely say that it's KDrama. Okay, and I find it annoying. LOL. So, yeah, I find them overrated. 

Next, I'm not into rom-coms. I find them very predictable. Boy meets girl, fell in love, conflicts - crying, fighting, get separated from each other - but they will end up with each other. Ugh. Seriously? What's new with that? Hahahaha. I admit, I also watch romance dramas and rom-coms from other countries, in which mostly J-Dramas. But, I find KDramas too cheesy for my taste. I prefer low-key romances.  I also like dramas that are purely revolving the story in crimes, detective, medical, friendship (JDramas are really good with friendship stories), family, sports, school, etc. and I find them very unique and amazing.

Maybe I am so used to J-Dramas that's why I find K-Dramas too slow paced as it is very lengthy. In every K-Drama, it consist of  16 to 25 episodes with 1 to 1 and half hour each.  That's so time consuming and I have this thinking that, climax of this drama can be on the 6th or 7th episode, but since this is up to 16 episodes, the story just got started. 

I'm not really good in names. I am struggling recalling their names. LOL.

My Reason why i don't and Stop watching K-dramas. Is because Im not very Fond on Korean Actresses and Actors, It's true that there are Great K-drama Film and Series. but i don't just base on their Plot, I don't have any particular problem in genres. what I hate is its OVER HYPE.

I'm not really good in names. I am struggling recalling their names. LOL.

Ore mo~. im having hard time to memorize their name.