Heyyy everyone, what im looking for a drama where the FL as always been in love with male lead,  until he rejects her, but she still decides to make him fall for her. A good example is Bel Ami (Pretty Boy) 

Also another similar situation that i would like is f the FL like before has been in love with ML and he rejects her, she then starts going out with someone else and the ML regrets it. an example is Suspicious Partners or Jealousy Incarnated.

Definitely try Jealousy incarnate

Also  Maybe, not really cause the rejection part is no clear

  • Reply 1994
  • Girls generation 1979
  • Mischivous kiss - and all its versions
  • Fight My Way
  • A love so beautiful
  • Crazy thing called love (thai movie)

Saikou no Rikon

Alone in Love

You Drive Me Crazy