What are the popular/highly rated Korean dramas  that you personally aren't a fan of and why?


Till now,

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 
While you were sleeping
Itaewon class 



Among far too many to mention this one stands out because  that blindfolded kiss on first "meeting" was creepy and  borderline assault, not even remotely romantic

Boys Over Flowers 

What's wrong with secretary Kim

I'm copying/pasting my list from another similar thread

Crash Landing on You

You Who Came from the Stars

Hotel Del Luna

Oh My Ghostess


Temperature of Love

Touch Your Heart

When the Devil Calls Your Name

Extraordinary You (started out good but 2nd half felt meh) 

Encounter (I just liked the Cuba parts) 

Avengers Social Club (idk if this is considered popular but it seems to be highly rated on MDL I found it boring)  

Hospital Playlist

It's okay to not be okay 

Start Up

Any of the Reply series. I found them painfully boring.

My Holo Love


Love Alarm


Almost all of LMH drama. Sorry for his fan

LoL, i also wanna say this but i liked CH and Faith. And i am not sure if those were  his high rated dramas...