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I am of Korean heritage and so I've watched a fair number of Kdramas over the years. However, my true addiction to Kdrama began after watching "City Hunter" in 2012.

How I rate dramas is mostly subjective (i.e. how much I enjoyed the drama) but I do take into consideration the overall quality of the drama (i.e. acting, writing, directing and editing). I often can't get into a drama simply because I am just not in the mood for it and sometimes I would try it again and end up liking it. There are many dramas that I've rated high which are not the best writing/directing/acting but for whatever reason I simply liked them a lot. 

My taste in dramas and movies is pretty wide. I've loved over the top dramas/movies such as "My Girl' and "Crows Zero" just because it was fun to watch. I do definitely have a bias towards dramas with revenge theme with a lot of action.

Unfortunately, lately it's been getting more difficult for me to find a Kdrama to watch. May be, I've watched too many and the typical drama formulae is not working for me any more. After watching "Healer", all other Kdramas seemed to have too many cliches and I couldn't find any that I'd like to watch and so I began to watch other Asian dramas.

My current favourite drama is "Six Flying Dragons". 

Just finished watching SFD and it was an amazing ride. It dethroned "Jumong" as my favourite saguek.

I've watched some other great dramas lately such as "Nirvana in Fire" and "Signal".

These are my comfort dramas i.e. dramas that I watch again and again either because I am just in the mood for it or because I am in a drama slump (which is quite often);

Time Between Dog and Wolf

Swallow the Sun



Full House (2014 Thai version)


City Hunter

A Tree with Deep Roots

Descendants of the Sun

Marry Me, or Not?

Feel free to check out my boards on Pinterest. Art, food and Kdramas are my obsessions.



My rating system:

10/10 - loved it, was blown away by it, memorable, high quality writing/directing/acting, offered something different.

9/10 - loved it, highly enjoyable to watch, good quality writing/directing/acting, offered something different.

8/10 - thoroughly enjoyed it, good quality writing/directing/acting.

7/10 - enjoyed it and with no draggy parts.

6/10 - enjoyed it but with some draggy parts.

5/10 - watched it because it was entertaining enough.

4/10 - watched it but wished I hadn't.


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