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When I say Koreans Vs. Japanese, I'm talking generally here. Its country, people, industries like dramas, anime, music, etc, I seriously mean ALL ^.^ Who's the best when it comes to Dramas?
i'm in the philippines and our local media is so much influenced with korean dramas. i admit i entered the dramaland thanks to the some great korean dramas shown in our country. but i've always love anime since i was little thus my drama interest escalated back to my beloved japan.

i think it's given, when u love anime, you'd eventually hear about live action and then on, you'd want to watch more and more japanese dramas/movies.

some anime/manga adapted to live actions that i've watched so far are


-Bloody Monday
-Bokura ga Ita
-Crows Zero
-Death Note

-Detective Conan
-Detroit Metal City

-Hana Kimi
-Hana Yori Dango
-High School Debut
-Honey and Clover
-Kimi ni Todoke
-Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu
-Lovely Complex
-Mirai Nikki
-Nodame Cantabile
-Ouran High School Host Club
-Pin to Kona
-Ranma 1/2
-Rurouni Kenshin

-The Prince of Tennis
-Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
-Young Black Jack

woah. i didn't realize i can come up with this list. these are just some of my fave. you can view my list if you're interested.

i choose japan mainly because of my first love - anime. as i mentioned, since anime is from japan, fans will choose japan over korea. or it may just be me. haha. that's how i think. especially when you start watching anime with original japanese dub and just reading english subs. you'll get to learn basic japanese and would want to know more about speaking/writing in japanese. you'd appreciate how japan is as a country, their culture, system, etc. and the people, for some reason, i really admire their principle and philosophy in life. waaaaaaa. i honestly want to go to japan.

i know this one is a bit long but i want to mention jpop. gosh. i so love one ok rock. The Beginning, Rurouni Kenshin's OST is their song. and of course i should mention Johnny's artists like arashi, kattun, news, kanjani8, kismyft2, heysayjump, sexyzone, etc.

thank you. here's my one vote for japan! banzai!
I prefer Japanese dramas but I can't say that one is better than the other. Each has it's strong points and weak points. Also this topic has been done to death! lol
I heard the korean dramas are just cheaper to export some 1/10 cost compared to japanese ones, thats related to the media dominance subject above and like the chinese bear mentioned, it's not the first time this topic has been done and what the hell, make some work for the moderators lol
since I'm kind of new I have not seen the older topics so here's my opinion xD I totally go for Japan in every way: dramas, music, culture, people, country, fashion, traditions, food, and more. It is like nielyngrace said, once you get to know the way Japan works (I mean, from a foreigner point of view) you can see how special it is, of course, it has its negative points as every country but the good ones... wow, I wish we could learn from them. Given that I like the "Japanese way" of doing things, hence I prefer J-Dramas. One of the things I like the most is that they use a huge wide range of plot triggers and storylines deepening on them enough as to make you forget the common parts of the story and the cliches. I mean, lets say a common example: romance. There are too much examples on which even if there is a romance developing through the story, it is not the main point of the drama and they would even take it out and you didn't care at all; or... maybe the romance is a strong point but the story doesn't actually move around it, or! dramas with no romance at all. I also prefer them for being shorter. Living in a country where our "local average drama" last for months (almost a year) with a new episode every single day full of... totally useless parts, well, I like how Japanese scripts can resume everything on an average 10 episode story. Right, Taiga dramas and Asadoras are exceptions but... I don't complaint there xD My only complaint? they make too much Detective/Police dramas, and they're starting to abuse of medical drama as well, but even there you can find jewels.
Me? What Ara99 said besides the Detective/Police drama part. Obviously, I like this kind of show. ;)
For me i prefer jdrama's because they bring out a jewel in a stone and they have a really weird sense of humor that i really like. For example Soratobu Kouhoushitsu i never expected the past of each cast's to be revealed and i never expected them to make me cry at the very first episodes. There are so many Gems right there that hasn't been found yet because subbers are busy doing kdrama's and popular jdrama's some of the unrated ones aren't subbed yet. Therefore to conclude i prefer japanese drama than korean; nonetheless, i like koreans too.
Japanese sounds prettier to me. Languages like Korean, Chinese, and Germany seem to be a bit more rough sounding and a little frighting at first when I heard it.
There is already a thread for this in the General Forum area.
Koreans vs Japanese vs Chinese

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Japanese <3 we are more gentle people <3
Personally, I prefer Japanese Drama. It does have a better storyline! 
Again, not sure why we have to compare. Overall, we can watch whatever we like to view. It is a "personal choice", isn't it? It won't stop me in watching Korean Drama too.
in term of drama, it's depends on  the genre BUT i can sure 100% that Japan make the best detective drama ever
Japanese all the way.

I started with Anime as well. But fell in love with the culture, the food, the country itself, Takuya Kimura (LOL.)

Drama wise, one reason is the length of the series per season. I prefer to watch something with about 10-12 episodes only as I have difficulty finishing LONG series. I tend to not finish something long.

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