So I was just wondering are there any KT fans here at MDL? Anyways to start up a nice discussion/conversation please tell us

Your name and if you wish where your from
When and how did you get into KAT-TUN
Favorite Member and why

Well I will begin by telling mine ^^v I am Yuu and I am currently residing somewhere in North America. I became a KAT-TUN fan in 2002 and got into the fandom by accident ^^" I was actually looking for HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR videos and the admins had switched up the links and so I ended up with KAT-TUN's performance of She Said... in Music Station. I must say it was a quite pleasant surprise to see so many ikemen dancing around and singing fufufufuufu. Oh~ My favorite member is Junno (Taguchi Junnosuke) simply because I love his carefree manner and angel like smiles ^^~<3
Hi Yuu,

Kawaiko here in North America as well :) So, disclaimer: I'm not a KT "fan" but I must admit that I like them them most out of all the "boy bands"/Johnny's guys who do TV. I actually just discovered that I liked them about two weeks ago, lol, and also found out by accident. First of all, they seem much more mature than the other bands. They just seem like they've allowed their image to mature with their age. Idk if that makes sense. Anyway, I saw their variety show and thought they just seemed like cool guys to hang out with. I don't have a fave, and I don't think I ever will because for some reason I rarely get that much into a particular person, but Junno does have an charmingly adorable and awkward persona. you got into them 2 weeks ago or before that? So you can say your a casual listener right? Well I might be the last person you want to ask for a realistic opinion about KT since well LOL I am cwazy about them! But, yes I do feel like their images has matured since 2001...I mean they went from your wild bad boy image to a more mature but still kept to their roots. But I do miss their rock genre they had a lot more in the a days since they are singing for CMs...they have become more mellow. And hmm do I smell a Junno brainwash mission here? Fufufufufufufu >:3
Yea, I got into them about 2 weeks ago. Before that, I just knew they existed, hehe. Junno definitely seems like the person I'd wanna hang out with the most, but he's almost too good to be true, lol. It makes me wonder how much of how he acts is really him and how much is his public personality. I definitely think his corny puns are authentic Junno though :)

Who do you think is the most talented?
Lol well I think the corny puns and his KY nature is purely him LOL I mean who would want to intentionally act this way? But ya know now that you mention about this I never really thought about it till now. I mean I've been watching and following them for so long that I always thought they were pretty down to earth type of people. I mean to understand this better I guess you'd have to see them when they fought all the time in the beginning.

As for who is more talented? Hmm they all have their strengths when it comes to perform. Vocally wise in the past it was Jin but since he left I would say it has to be Ueda. But overall I think Ueda is a better musician than Jin considering Ueda is an able lyricist and composer plus he can play the piano and guitar pretty well. Now if you ask me Kame has a pretty good public speaking skills despite being the youngest not to mention he is really good at acting too. But yeah I think Ueda is the most talented member out of all current and past members.
Hi minna, I'm Arisu from Poland. ;)
My journey with KAT-TUN started in a weird way...
I am fan of anime and manga about 7 years (I'm 19) and about two months ago I decided to watch my first drama ever, which was based on manga. It was Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. I falled in love in main actor and in opening song. I was really suprised when I found out that this actor is Kamenashi Kazuya, who's member of a band KAT-TUN (Love Yourself was opening in this drama). I've become addicted to their music, their shows, dramas and concerts. Right now I can't last a day without listening to their songs. ;)
My favourite member is still Kame, because I can see how hard he works every day. He is a brilliant actor, singer and sports caster... When I see his smile I feel like I can do anything. Weird, but true. :D
But I really love other members (+ Jin) too. They have something, that makes you want to listen and watch every thing with them ^^
Ahahaha it always seems that Kame and Jin are the members most liked from new fans. But so you recently got into should really watch Nobuta wo Produce...its a good drama with Kame.
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Hi there. I'm Alex and I'm from Romania [Europe]. I'm 19 and I've been into animes for 7 years now. I discovered KAT-TUN by accident almost 4 years ago and I feel in love with them. My favorite is Ueda Tatsuya by the way...I simply adore him. but I really love the other members too....I've seen almost all the dramas with Kame..i still have some to watch with Jin,Junno,Koki & Maru. what can I say? I think they are AWESOME!! and I like the other groups from Johnny's too...I admit: I'm addictive to music and them LOL I've a Jpop, Jrock, Kpop & Cpop fan ke ke ke ^__^ not to mention a dramaholic, movieholic, animeholic, mangaholic & fanficholic <3
Hiya, I'm from North America as well.. I just recently got into the whole Jpop/Kpop scene a little while ago (bout a year or a little more).. I first found KAT-TUN thru Jin and Kame, because of a drama, fell in love with Jin, and was (unlike most other fans) extremely happy when he went solo, because he just doesn't fit a group mold. As for the other members, I think Ueda is my favorite, although they all have their good points, but to me Ueda is the most talented. Now, as for a previous comment about Ueda being a better musician than Jin, I totally disagree, I think they are about even. Jin can play the Guitar too, and can't remember if he can play the piano..

Names Mel from North America! and i LOVE kat-tun!!!! I love Kame and because of the drama "Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge" op song is how i got into it (and Johnnies period!) Kame is my fav and will always be my fav!! All of them are good and awsome actors!!
I'm Laurisse from America~ I am a huge KAT-TUN fan and have been for over two years~ It was because of the Gokusen 2 drama. I actually cried when Jin went solo. I agree, he seemed like he was getting more and more distant with the group and going solo was probably what was best for him and his career. It pains me to say that because I fell in love with KAT-TUN as 6 and wish it would stay that way. Ah well, what can I do?

About who I think is most talented? That's hard to say. o - o But since this is a site for Dramas, I should at least say that I think Kame is the best actor. x3
You know as a long time fan...I went on an emotional roller coaster ever since Jin went to LA for the first time. I remember when I read that he would be going to LA and the possibility of him not coming back to KT. For the first and only time I cried over an idol stuff/issue...and although I was happy when he came back to the group...I actually wanted to kick him where it hurts for being such an asshole. Pretty much after he came back all he did was sulk in a corner and not interact much with either his fans or the rest of the members. I honestly came close to turning into an anti-Jin fan...but as time went on I actually got adjusted to it and when he finally parted from KT. I was actually glad because now KAT-TUN members has a more or so equally divided spotlight time unlike before it was just Kame Jin Kame Jin Jin Kame Jin Kame which don't get me wrong I love ALL members but it did make me mad after all they are a band and not a due with some supporting Jrs. Also not to mention that now Jin seems a lot happier without being in KAT-TUN...and after some thinking I thought to myself that if I am truly their fan and adore/support each and every member I should not only love them but support their decisions as well because after all its their lives and only them know what truly makes them happy. So hence why I recently began to support Jin in his solo endeavors.

Well~ pheonixtearz9 I see where your coming from in terms of latent potential they are equal, but the difference is that Ueda seems to more often use his talents as a musician. But whatever floats your boat after all talent like beauty is in the eye of the beholder right ^^v so no hard feelings. I don't think he can play the piano though since I have never seen in any of his performances playing a piano...

So it seems a lot of you guys have become KT fans through dramas? And so guys what is your favorite single/song/album/video by KAT-TUN or any of the members? I think I would have to go with a classic and say Real Face still is my favorite song and video XDD I mean its so special for most of us fans and most surely our boys too :3
Becca from the U.S. I came across KAT-TUN last October, literally on Halloween. I was watching a music video for Utada Hikaru on Youtube that a friend recommended, and in the suggested videos to watch was KAT-TUN's 'Love Yourself'. I wound up watching that just for the heck of it and immediately fell madly in love with their music. I've seen a good number of shows Kame has been on along with Jin's as well, and they're my two favorites from the group. I wasn't at all upset that Jin went solo because he never really seemed to be the type of musician that would thrive in a group setting. He seems to thrive on his own, and I love that we now get to hear and see more of the others as well. Not to mention Jin is starting up his solo career and all in all the six of them seem happier nowadays.
Musically, I like their rock stuff more (from the little I've heard). The vocals in their pop songs sound a little off. Like they're trying to force themselves. In general, I enjoy the music composition and, from what you guys are saying, they do it themselves, which shows real musicianship (unlike many popular artists these days). Buuuuttt, I am still basically a fan of their variety show. I actually didn't find any of the dramas I saw them in particularly memorable.

BTW, I'm sticking with you, Yuu. Junno all the way :-p
I really like their variety show as well. Junno is hilarious. I love how he starts it off, but Koki always kicks him! The first time I saw that I was shocked and trying to figure out why Koki saw fit to do that, but it seems to be this regular thing with them. It's pretty funny. My favorite is still Kame's impressions from Spirited Away.