SweetS - Love Raspberry Juice :D
Hatsune Miku- Marionette
Tommy February6 - Lonely in Gorgeous (just finished watching Paradise Kiss anime, yesterday)
Aya Ueto not sure what its called.
I was just recently listening to my favorite anime theme songs. Cruel Angel Thesis from Evangelion and The Real Folk Blues from Cowboy Bebop
leonorabiello wrote: Aya Ueto not sure what its called.

Pretty sure it's called Kizuna (sometimes romanized as kisuma, which is incorrect), and it's now the last J-song I listened to :-p
Aoyama Thelma ft. Tae Yang - Fall In Love
Kis-My-Ft2 - Everybody Go

Kagiyama Yuka- "Love Player"
I've been listening to Hello by SHINee (like everyday cuz it's my favorite song)