Run For You - KAT-TUN [the preview from the new Suzuki SOLIO commercial]
"Hamaguri Bomber" --all I have to say is: retro drag queens at a beach casino :)
Dear by kana nishino
really good song <3
I believe - Ayaka
It's a gorgeous song~
hmmmmmm I think is was (i'll get the name wrong for sure)

Fest V'anquier (or sth...the new "version of" SINCREA) - *can't remember the name of the song*
and of course i remembered wrong....
last japanese song i listened was NEWS - weeeek
Enjoying the OST to Smile...It's the 5th track...Koiji Sagashi...My favourite one...
Top of the World - BIGBANG
moumoon- Sunshine Girl
Kanon Wakeshima - "Monochrome Frame"
Yuna Ito-Trust You
Secret Love - Yuya Matsushita
Prisoner of Love by Utada. She is such a great singer.