Who are you favorite Korean ACTORS :

mine: Jung Yong Hwa, Hyun Bin and Jang Geun Suk
Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Dong Wook, and Lee Jun Ki.
Kwon Sang Woo, Song Il Gook, Kim Nam Gil, Won Bin, Yoon Si Yoon.
Hyun Bin, just watch Secret Garden and you will love him.

Jang Geun Seuk, he is cute and is a good actor. His role in Baby and Me was great.
Wish he would play some diffrent roles once in a while.

Kim Ji Suk, don`t know why I like him.
I'm Lee Jun Ki biased all the way! He first got me in Time Between Dog and Wolf, and I truly think that he is one of the best actors in South-Korea. Besides him, there are tons of awesome actors who I really love, like Hyun Bin, but I like rookie actors too. I love Jung Il Woo, Song Jung Ki and Kim Hyun Joong too.

Because of their memorable acting, my all time favourites are Lee Jun Ki and Hyun Bin. :D
So Ji Sub, Hyun Bin, Lee Sun Kyun and Jang Hyuk...Oooh and Gong Yoo. Why?

Sorry, I love you, Rough Cut and Cain & Abel
Secret Garden, Late Autumn and My Name is Kim Sam Soon (Hyun Bin has such range as an actor. He can do drama just as well as comedy. He's got a pretty face and amazing acting chops.

Coffee Prince, Pasta and every other bit part I can find. I just like watching Lee Sun Kyun and his voice is like...Like eating chocolate while sipping wine in a hot tub. Did I over do that description? Oh well.

Chuno, Robbers (There are scenes in Chuno where Jang Hyuk's acting blows me away.

Coffee Prince, Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, Gong Yoo is pretty. Also I loved the way he played Choi Han Kyul. I always search for dramas and movies he acts in because I just like watching him go.

That's why!!! ;-) Also Song Il Gook is becoming someone I've started to like. Watching Jumong now.
Lee Jun Ki - Just based on Iljimae

Hyun Bin - Secret Garden and My Name is Kim Sam Soon *__*

Jang Geun Suk - Based on You're Beautiful, Hong Gil Dong and Mary Stayed Out All Night + Baby & I

and last but not least:

Kang Ji Hwan - watch Hong Gil Dong and Coffee House and you know why
there are a lot that I really like, but my absolute favs are Hyun Bin, Lee Jun Ki, Ji Sung, Kang Dong Won, and Won Bin (and a lot more...)
Kang Dongwon, Lee Junki & Won Bin
These are my all time favorites: Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho, Park Shi Hoo, Lee Seung Gi and Yoon Sang Hyun.. :D
i have so many hehe all of them are great actors

Won Bin => he is my LOVE :)

Kang Dong Won => another Oppa that i like, watched mostly all of his Movies like Haunters, Secret Reunion, Jeon Woo Chi: The Taoist Wizard, M, Voice of a Murderer, Duelist, Temptation of the Wolves, except 2 or 3 movies i watched all of them

Lee Jun Ki => loved him in Iljimae, really good actor can say that i cried with him the whole drama

So Ji Sub => another great actor, after i watched Im sorry i Love you, my eyes were always with tears if i saw him in another drama poor Oppa, he is acting always the aboneded one

Lee Byun Hun => he is impressing me always in his roles, doesnt matter in which movie he is going to act, got to know him with A bittersweet life, then watched the good the bad the weird, Addictive, Unce in a summer, G.I. Joe, IRIS, i think that all, he is not so handsome like other actors but his charisma is definetly the thing that going to make melt :) hehe

this actors arethe i think at first if questions like Who are your favorite Korean Actors? come up
wrote: So Ji Sub => another great actor, after i watched Im sorry i Love you, my eyes were always with tears if i saw him in another drama poor Oppa, he is acting always the aboneded one

Oh I agree...I love his acting. But he needs to do a rom-com soon! I want to watch a drama where he lives, gets the girl and is smiling in the final frame. I bet he'd be great! (Cain and Abel sort of counts but he was put through hell first!) I am ga-ga over So Ji Sub!!!
Kim Nam Gil - in every drama or movie I've seen him he plays just awesome.Such a great actor!
Soong Joong Ki - I fell in love with him in SKKS
Park Shi Hoo - I think he's got potential.
Hyun Bin - what to say? The man has the ability to express no matter what feeling just by raising an eyebrow and make that feeling look real. I'm enchanted whenever I see him on screen. Into the bargain: he's gorgeous.

Won Bin - it seems I have a penchant for Bins, or perhaps the name is a guarantee of quality actors, who knows. Whatever the case, he can Act.

Lee Sun Gyun - there's something about him that invariably puts me in a good mood. And he has a great voice.
Kang Ji Hwan I love him! In everything I've seen, except Coffee house. His on my avatar, doesn't that picture say everything?

Choi Siwon Because he always makes me laugh (even if he didn't mean to be laughable)