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Most of us (including myself) love watching shorter 16 episode average kdramas. However, recently I have watched a longer one called WHAT HAPPENS TO MY FAMILY? I have to say, this one has been one of the best family dramas I have had a pleasure to watch. There was everything in it: laughter, love, tears, and many feel-good emotions shifting in me while watching this 50+ episode series.

Therefore, because I have have fell in love with these series is there any other family kdrama similar to that? I don't mind if it's a lot of episodes as long as it's memorable and worth to watch.  

I would highly appreciate any good recommendations please. Thank you. 

I also consider What Happens To My Family as the one best family dramas I have ever watched. Smile You and Glorious Day are also great family dramas. Ugly Alert is also amazing but it has 133 episodes.  :)
I loved What happens to my family too ♥♥it really did have everything ♥ 

a couple other family dramas i liked too you might like maybe.. are:
Smile, Dong Hae
Ugly Alert
Smile, You
Creating Destiny
Ojakgyo Brothers
Pure 19
I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon
Oh yes, Smile You was quite good. I have not watch Glorious Day and Ugly Alert so I will put them on my wish list :) Thank you kindly! 
Thank You Ladymay, I will check these out also :) I have also seen Creating Destiny - that was a good watch too.
yw ^.~  hope youll enjoy some of those when/if you watch them :) and oh really <3 yay, yea i really enjoyed creating destiny too :) 
Ugly Alert. The best one.
Reply 1988: I know people will argue that it's a romance drama but IMO It's much less romance than family drama. http://mydramalist.com/13544-reply-1988
Mama: Sometimes it gets over-dramatic but awesomeness of rest of drama makes up for over-drama. http://mydramalist.com/10351-mama-2014
Foolish Mom: It's quite funny! http://mydramalist.com/3693-foolish-mom
Wang's family (The King's Family) was quite good.
I really like Mother, its not Korean but Japanese
I don't usually watch nor like long family dramas (probably watched 3-4 which i liked in my 200 drama list), but I'm loving Five Children so far (at ep 36 rn)
I'm surprised Unexpected You hasn't been mentioned.

I can't pick a favorite.. I've seen a handful, and despite their length I tend to breeze through them. The only one I didn't like was The Best Lee Soon Shin, which started well before the writers completely lost the plot.
Unexpected you and five children.
beautiful life is kinda cool
Life is Beautiful.

Just finished it. Fantastic, definitely the best I've seen now.