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You have to pick ONE ACTOR ONLY

Gong Yoo


Jang Hyuk


So Ji Sub


Ji Sung


Park Seo Joon


Lee Min Ho


Park Hae Jin


Lee Dong wook


Lee Joon Gi


Jung Kyung Ho

This is literally the hardest thing ever
ji sung/park hae jin
Panda, if you had to choose one, who would it be?
I don't understand this pick only one thing.  I would like to choose them all.  Hmmm.

Ugh, this is so hard...Park Hae Jin
Well, maybe...Lee Dong Wok
Okay, but So Ji Sub.
Idek who Ji Sung is yet, but hello.
I watch all of Lee Joon Gi's stuff though.
Then there's that Gong Yoo guy who is just riveting on screen.
Okay. Final Answer:
Gong Yoo! Gong Yeo Cheol ssi is totally my bias this month.
@six so true!
how can you choose between these guys
i said so ji sub because last night i rewatched his movie with friends
@Panda The way you chose is pretty much what I did (and I still want to pick another or 9). I finished Goblin and its Specials recently. I think @Daniel is trying to break us with this question and those pictures.
Jang Hyuk and Gong Yoo
can't choose one
what do you mean by most favourite?

favourite actor:  Park Se Joon
favourite beautiful looking human: Lee Min Ho (but not that photo)
favourite sexy guy: Jang Hyuk
Just gonna answer like Naksken

Favorite actor: So Ji Sub
Favo charismatic actor: Jang-hyuk
Favo sexy guy: Park Hae Jin
Gong Yoo Lee Jun Ki and So Ji Sub. (That's 1. You dunno how to count!)
@IzzyDramaLover You can't come in here and be so decisive. It makes the rest of us look greedy. =D
@Sunah I totally need to learn to count like that.