I'm looking for a deep type of kdrama.

It can include bullying, mental illness, trauma, and stuff characters go through. Romance is okay, but I don't want the center of the kdrama to be on romance. It can just be a deep, touching type of drama that makes you wanna smile and cry at the same time too! 

I want something that shows a character going through a lot or went through a lot in the past. 

(I'm asking for this in particular because I recently went through a break up and watching characters in dramas go through stuff shows me how i'm capable of getting through things too and that everyone goes through these type of things!) 

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Solomon's Perjury is pretty dark, lots of characters  struggling or with traumatic pasts.  But it's also hopeful, for the most part, and has some cute and funny moments sprinkled throughout.  Practically no romance to speak of.

Also maybe Page Turner?  It would fit your criteria as well.

KOREAN dramas:

  • Misaeng
  • The Most Beautiful Goodbye
  • Memory
  • Dear Friends
  • Thousand Years Promise
  • Oh My Geumbi
  • Hello God

Jdrama has more of those types of dramas:

  • 1 Liter of Tears - definitely the drama you are looking for, smiling as tears kept falling like a river
  • Kounoduri
  • Kingyo Club
  • The Hours of My Life
  • A Life
  • Koinaka
  • Love Song

current airing drama, My Ajusshi

Just Between Lovers would be great , it's so touching and sad ,its also preeeettty deep , but there's romance and it's a part of the story that can't be ignored completely , but I highly recommend it , apart from the romance the drama deals with some hard issues like poverty, Injustice ,terrible trauma from the past , unemployment and a lot more , The characters help each other get over these issues and that's what makes it great to me , definitely my favorite drama ever , I hope you get over this break up soon :) , it's not the end of the world people can start over anytime

Here's a link of some quotes from the drama , check it out


my mister 

angry mom

queen’s classroom 

life (jdrama but depicts bullying) 

what’s up 

Maybe Chicago Typewriter? It definitely gave me the deep, touching, nostalgic kind of feel to it. While there is a little bit of romance, the main focus is around friendship.

It's OK That's Love

Marriage Contract

I'm Sorry I Love You (2004 Kdrama)

I think the bridal mask is what you want. İt has everything in it, and its so sad though. 


Just between lovers,  mask,  i miss you. 

Just Between Lovers <3 My absolute favorite. 

Please Come Back, Mister - Not as deep as other dramas, but it's full of tragedy & sadness and some hilarious comedy to balance out the sad parts. It's a complete roller coaster of emotions. Idk if it's good for break ups, as it's more focused on grieving and coming to terms with death, but it was a touching and beautiful drama nonetheless - much more lighter than some other dramas about death & the afterlife

Chuno, a period drama, and its plot revolves around love, although mostly platonic. But I cried buckets watching it, it's deep and sad.

Just Between Loves


What happened to my family?

Autumn in my heart 

My Ajhussi (My Mister)

Angry mom

Flower Boy next door

Cheer Up 

Three dramas I'm currently watching might fit your criteria:

- School 2013:  I've watched 11 Epsiodes so far. The drama portrais different aspects of difficulties teenager have to face while growing up. Plus it shows how beautiful friendships can be. I personally love the drama very much.

- Misaeng (aka Incomplete Life): Very realistic view on daily life in office to the point, where it can get quite frustrating. Nevertheless the show also hast its' uplifting moment. 

-'Good doctor' is about a doctor with savant syndrome and a developmental disability, which is why his mental age is the one of a 10 year old. Only watched 2 episodes so far, but I can already tell, that the drama will be one of my favorites. The main character -although different from his colleagues- shows deep affection towards his patients. Love the show for its' heartbreaking but also heartwarming moments. I'm really glad, that I still have quite a few episodes left.  

All shows mentioned above are realistic and feature great acting  

I immediately thought of a movie that I watched: Always. So Ji Sub and the actress from W are starring in it. It gave me the feelings you are describing, although it is very much a romance movie. She is blind and is facing the harsh reality of living with her disability; he is a guy with a dark past who doesn't have anything to live for when they meet.