This is a reference list of Korean Gay/BL dramas (KBL). Excludes dramas where the Gay/BL couple are side characters  and Bromance (bromance is not BL). 

There is another thread on here that also keeps track of films, I will be focusing solely on dramas. I am not trying to duplicate the work of someone else, however - I think it is good to keep an up to date list available since many on here are interested in this topic. 

Release date TBA

Uncovering the Curse of Taekwondo AmbiguousLove in the Big City
Heesu in Class 2Eccentric RomanceWuju Bakery
Bermuda TriangleLikeEul's Love
Choco Milk Shake Season 2Secret RelationshipMy Bias Is Showing?!
Good Night to Get Drunk
The First Love Manual
Killing StalkingDokkaebi CaptivationTwo Game Over


Love for Love's Sake
Jazz for Two
Please Teach Me
Love Is like a Cat
Gray Shelter
Boys Be Brave!
Blossom Campus


Individual CircumstancesAll the LiquorsOur Dating Sim
A Shoulder to Cry OnUnintentional Love StoryThe Eighth Sense 
Happy Merry EndingLove MateStar Struck
Love TractorJun and JunSing My Crush 
Love Class Season 2Why R U?Bon Appetit
Bump Up BusinessA Breeze of LoveCityboy_Log


Semantic ErrorBluemingColor Rush 2
Cherry Blossoms After WinterTo My Star 2Blue of Winter
First Love AgainThe New Employee
Kissable Lips


You Make Me DancePeach of TimeLight On Me
Nobleman Ryu's WeddingThe Tasty FloridaMy Sweet Dear
Tinted With YouBehind CutTo My Star

2020 (and prior)

Long Time No See (2017)Mr. HeartWish You: Your Melody From My Heart
Where Your Eyes Linger

Thanks dude! Now I won't miss out on KBLs 

Can you also do a japanese one?


Can you also do a japanese one?

I am considering it 

Update: Holland who will play one of the main leads in ocean like me confirms it will be out this April. 

Blueming is out now! Go watch on iqiyi (they have a special running for subscriptions, pretty cheap!)

Watch the latest Blueming Teaser with English subtitle – iQiyi | 

UPDATE: Added which is a 12 ep drama adapted from the manhwa Dong Mul (동물). Release date tba. 

thank you for this!!


thank you for this!!

Of course! 

Just finished watching Blueming ! A must watch drama I love the chemistry, cinematography ,well written story  definitely 10/10 .. big 3 of 2022 so far Bad Buddy  Semantic Error and Blueming