Sorry if it was already mentioned in this post, I couldn't read it all, but is there any official news of a special episode or season 2? What about what IU and LJK posted on their Instagram?
There is no sequel or special episode in the works. I am not sure what IU's Instagram post was about. Nothing ever happened regarding it.
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probably that IU's post was about the fact that she was frustrated that the director didn't show the whole ending scene that she and Lee Junki filmed lolz


Does anyone know by any chance, why Hae Soo wanted so many copies of a poem from the 4th prince?

Dropbox has royally messed-up the formatting of my RTF document for the "Scene Differences & Download Links" so I've had to re-upload in PDF format to correct the issue.

The new document can now be viewed/downloaded HERE.

Note: Nothing has been edited within the document.  It's just a change in the file format.

can anyone tell me what is the meaning of ryeo