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Anyone has recommendations for really fluffy, light-hearted romcom dramas (either korean or chinese or whatever) where the leads love and trust each other or where there is little to no love triangles?
Something similar would be Love O2O, or My Amazing Boyfriend, or Boss &Me, or Weightlifting Fairy, or Marriage Not Dating. 
Thanks!!!! :)
Ho Goo's Love. Cute, fluffy and funny.
We married as a job
Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo
Shopping King Louis
Soratobu Kouhoushitsu
Oh my Venus
Can you hear my heart

Thank you for all the recommendations! Will definitely check them out
2 episodes worth of pure fluffy rom-com~~ Splash Splash Love!!!
+1 to splash splash love
shopping king louie
something about 1%
weighlifting fairy
legend of the blue sea
my love from a star
healer can be considered fluffy
laurel tree tailors
life is beautiful
its okay its love hae no triangles
Shopping King Louis
Something About 1%
The girl who sees smell(sensory couple)