My friend and I have the weekend watching Korean movies, most of which from the top rated list on MyDramaList. For anyone who's looked at that list you know it's... basically completely filled with tragedies and tearjerkers. So I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for really good, happy movies to continue with. Thanks in advance!

200 pounds  beauty  i enjoyed it so give it a try 
My most favourite korean movie (tbh it is probably my most favourite movie in general) is Sunny.
Another one i recommend is 100 Days with mr Arrogant - it might be a bit older but it is really funny
Last two I recommend are a bit ambiguous because.. they were really good and were funny but they also made me cry a lot: Hello Ghost and My Annoying Brother
@Panda Well I admit that My annoying brother was maybe a misspick from me but I believe that Sunny and Hello Ghost are comedies. Many kr movies are having few melodramatic moments lately
Sunny, Penny Pinchers, Twenty
Twenty is a must-watch

Like for likes is a really good one

The Beauty Inside is a romantic comedy and I loved this movie! 

The accidental detective. 

✔️ Miss Granny 

✔️ Over My Dead Body

✔️ Bros 

✔️ Luck  Key ( action too) 

✔️ Dad For Rent 

✔️ Enemies in Law 

✔️ Runway Cop (action too) 

✔️ Finding Mr Destiny 

✔️ Wonderful Nightmare 

✔️ No Breathing 

✔️ Mr Perfect (Yoon Shi Yoon)

Underground Rendezvous - It's a great comedy even though the rating is a bit bad (note: there's only 18 people who have rated it)