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Hi guys!

I'm looking for a drama with a awesome female MC that has many men falling in love with her (and by many i actually mean 3+)! I like historical the best but i'm okay with watching something different once in awhile. Kind of like in Princess Agents, Princess Wei Young & You're beautiful.

Hope you can help me!

Thank you!!

If you like historical then maybe Moonlovers Scarlet Heart Ryo ?

OK, so here is what I can recommend:

Go Ho's Starry Night: I think she had like 4 or 5 guys trying to get with her. Really cute drama, actually. Not very long, either. 
second Scarlet Heart: several guys liking the same woman
Marriage, Not Dating kind of had that. There were 3 admirers. 

I'm also watching My Mr Mermaid. The guys are not necessarily all in love with the girl, but they all are around her and treating her well. I'd give it a try; it gives me very strong You're Beautiful vibes. Also, the female lead is totally adorable. 
Palace the lock heart jade
Go ho's starry night
Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu
Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me
To the beautiful you
Thanks! I've seen a few of them but I will definitely try the others. My Mr Mermaid sounds really fun :D
Cinderella and Four Knights
In time with you (or the korean version time they were not in love)
good morning call
ouran highschool host club
Empress ki (pretty sure tal tal and that enemy son liked nyang)
shut up flower boy band (the leader of the band liked her)
flower boy ramyun shop (technically she was liked by all 4 guys but the 2 were her suitors)

(but Tal Tal was in love with me)
I'm currently watching The King's Woman. Seems like it would be totally up your alley. Historical cdrama. I'm watching it and getting totally addicted even though I'm not typically too much into cdramas or historical dramas. Also, Good Morning Call has a female lead who is liked by 4 different guys. 
That's a tall order, usually I'm happy if I find a good love triangle, the rare ones have 3 and I don't remember coming across more than that (we'll Empress Ki is that and Imperial Doctress). If there are more then 3 they are usualy implied but that relationship isn't developed.
Cruel Romance
Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
Scarlet Heart - the chinese version (don't bother with the 2nd season it's a painful topic for all who went there)
K-POP - The Ultimate Audition
@Linus : I'm waiting for the King's woman to end to start watching it. My heart will already have a hard time with the tragedy that will probably occur so i don't want him to suffer through the waiting too ^^

@EvilYuli : Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms? I had no idea!

Thank you again for the recommendations! My "plan to watch" list is getting bigger and bigger :D