Any where the male and female leads are both nerds? They start to fall for each other. Some other guy who isn't nerdy comes in between them. Maybe she becomes less of a nerd because of the other guy, but then goes back to being nerdy like the male lead. Maybe the other guy succeeds in getting her at first, but in the end she realizes her love for the male lead. School or adulthood acceptable.

Interesting plot. I'm looking forward for answers :)

You can try Lucky Romance. It's not exactly the same plot but they are both nerds


You can try Lucky Romance. It's not exactly the same plot but they are both nerds

I'd like to see those things, but I'll take anything as long as both the male and female leads are both nerds.

Rich Man, Poor Woman? I can't recall the exact story line but I know both leads are smart

Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (2016)

In this one the guy is a nerd and she’s supposed to be normal, but... not really normal for me. This show was very famous in Japan. 

Healer - I'd say the leads are nerds in the sense that they're quirky and kind of loners (i.e. not nerds in the genius / book-smart sense). The leads are very close as kids but get separated, when they meet again they don't recognize each other and the FL has a crush on a non-quirky guy, but the ML and FL quickly develop feelings for each other (with some dual identity complications - lots of fun) and do get together.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal - the leads are both huge book-smart nerds. It's basically the reason they meet. There is a great second male lead who is, let's say, more athletic than them, but still nerdy in his own way. 

Love O2O - the leads are both smart and capable computer science majors. Might not be exactly the dynamic you're looking for because they're also considered the university's best looking guy and second best looking girl and the other criteria you mentioned aren't there, but I'd still recommend checking it out. 

+1 Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (We married as a job)

Age of youth season 1- the character eun jae and her pair.  They both were definitely nerds but it doesnt have the story that u look for.  But both were nerds (he may appear a lil witty in the beginning but as times goes by u can see that they are both nerds..btw she is a lil bigger nerd than him.. Lol

Flower Boy Next Door- He is a huge gamer nerd, he actually develops games if I remember correctly, and she's a huge book nerd and works as an editor.

Heartstrings-  They are music nerds.

Nodame Cantabile- Music geniuses, she's very quirky. 

Pinocchio- He's genius smart, she's also smart. They become reporters. 

Queen In Hyun's Man- He's a nerd from Joseon, she's an actress from modern times, she's not nerdy but is smart. 

Maybe Live up to your name, both are doctors, male lead from Joseon and Female lead from Seoul...