I’m in the mood for a Chinese or Korean drama where lovers have to part due to difficult circumstances and meet years later, falling in love again. Preferably, I would like the drama to be from 2015-2018. Thank you!

Emergency couple had this kind of theme, it's from 2014 though...

Summer's desire, even older (2010). there should be a remake a bit more recent (2016 the movie, 2018 the drama)...

it's not a topic that i really like, so i can think only of these two...

here  to heart is a brand new chinese drama

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms- watch this like right now!

Winter Sonata. You already saw Autumn Tale, it's from the same director, year 2002. You should like it, it's very beautiful drama :) It doesn't fit your year's preference, but I really recommend it.

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms!!!!

Korean Dramas:

Warm and Cozy (2015) - 16 eps

Missing You (2012) - 21 eps

Angel Eyes (2014) - 20 eps

Grand Prince (2018) - 20 eps

Come and Hug Me (2018) - 32 eps **still airing

My Love Eun Dong (2015) - 16 eps

Golden Rainbow (2013) - 41 eps 

Chinese Dramas: 

Memories of Love (2018) - 30 eps

My Sunshine (2015) - 32 eps

Loving, Never Forgetting (2014) - 34 eps

Here to Heart (2018) - 42 eps

  • 20th Century Boy and Girl
  • The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

In addition:

  • My Lucky Star
  • Autumn Concerto
  • Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 years
  •  Green Rose
  • Will It Snow for Christmas
  • love story in Harvard
  • i have a lover
  • A Love So Beautiful
  • return of the Condor He
  • Giant
  • Ex-lovers that meet again,  though not with a tragic circumstances as above:
    • Fantastic
    • Cunning Single Ladies
    • My secret hotel
    • my secret Romance
    • single Wife
    • Paradise ranch
    • ExGF club
    • The world They Lived