I know this will sound odd but I am looking for any drama's where the GIRL or main lead protects the main guy.

Shows that I am looking for include things like :reign of assassins where the wife protects the husband and curb stomps some thugs.

It does not matter if the guy eventually becomes a badass and starts kicking ass but I want the main ass kicker to be the wife/girlfriend, the regular guy saves girl has been done sooo many times and it is too generic for my taste.

✔️ Huntresses 

✔️ Pirates 

✔️ My Girlfriend is a Spy 

✔️ My Sassy Girl (tv show) 

✔️ Please Come Back Mister (oh yeon seo) 

✔️ Perfect Couple (Chinese) 

✔️ My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 

✔️ Protect the boss