Recommend me any good Jdrama or movie but I do have one request. I need a strong female character who is bold, confident, have self esteem, strong willed, quirky, weird in her own way but doesn't let anyone push her around and is strong. Different from cliche female lead. (If there is female character but it will be better if there is)

Note: if dramas or movie you recommend have romance I do not want to watch episodes and episodes of girl running after male lead being a doormat and all those annoying stuff where she keep on chasing guy and have no other focus. No chasing of ML by FL 

No sad endings, cliff hanger or tragedy genre.

Recommend me any good jdrama

weak no endings/tragedy lol jk

maybe try gokusen

(arghh i give up, i tried to find something more from my list (both drama and movie) but all the good ones either have death, sad ending or tragedy lol)

DoS Deka

Otenki onee san

BOSS 1&2

Mikaiketsu onna

I'm not  really sure what you meant by "strong" female characters, but these dramas have principal female characters that are either strong-willed, confident, or overall just a well-rounded, dependable individual.

  • +1 Unnatural
  • +1 Soratobu Kouhoushitsu
  • N no tame ni
  • Ryusei no Kizuna
  • Kazoku Game
  • Boku unme no Hito desu
  • We married as a job
  • Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
  • Buzzer Beat
  • Love Shuffle
  • Rookies
  • Tumbling
  • Cold case

Seconding Unnatural and Cold Case

Some other dramas I watched and liked primarily because of great female characters:

The Japanese remake of Good Wife (airing now) is pretty good so far, too.

  • Doctor X 
  • Legal V
  • Miss Sherlock 
  • Perfect Insider
  • ST Scientific Task Force

For japanese, just look anything with the following actress as main role;

  • Yonekura Ryoko
  • Shinohara Ryoko
  • Amami Yuki
  • Mizuki Alisa
  • Some dramas of Maki Yoko 
  • Some dramas of Hasegawa Kyoko

They are always definitely got the "strong" character to the point that now I will always try to avoid them if possible!

EDIT: I forgot to add Kimura Fumino. :P

gomen ne seishun has a nice variety of great female characters.