It's always one celebrity and a regular person. Any where the male and female lead are involved in the entertainment world and they have to keep their relationship a secret? 

Nang rai fits the concept but I didn’t like it.

  • The greatest love
  • Best Lover (though here they don't hide their love)


  1. Ma Boy 
  2. Pinocchio Not Idols, but a known reporters.
  3. Prime Minister and I  Not Idols, but a known figures.
  4. The Beauty Inside  Actress and a known Businessman.
  5. The Greatest Love  +1
  6. You Are The Best!  Actress and the president of her company.
  7. You're Beautiful 
  8. I Cannot Hug You  Model and a famous novelist.


  1. The Star Next Door 
  2. The Wedding Game 
  • +1 Greatest Love 
  • +1 best Lover
  • +1 You are beautiful (all versions)

In addition:

  • Skip Beat (Taiwan) - didn't watch this though I did read this was disappointing. but i did watch the anime/ and read the manga  
  • Persevere goo Haera (Korea) - both are aspiring idols, but this one is not really a good drama
  • Entourage (Korea)  - I think Ah Sohee was the lpve interest of the ML, but this drama centered around friendship and definitely was very annoying
  • Lee soonshin is the best (Korea) - the FL is an aspiring actress, the ML was a former singer now CEO of entertainment company
  • Sm:)e (China) - havent seen this one yet
  • Trot Lovers