Hi all

I am looking a story with 'love confession struggle'as the main focus or as a sub plot.A person ( either boy or girl) falls in love.but unable to confess his/her feelings,due to shyness and some sort of unknown fear. He tries hard to tell it or show it indirectly,but it fails.Circumstances does not help him,and the whole scene ends as as hilarious one.

I need a person who have love confession problem.please do recommend me

check out:

  • Laughter at waikiki
  • Five Enough
  • Monstar

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

  • Ore no monogatari

The time we were not in love - they are best friends since many years but obviously he is in love wither her and maybe she loves him back.

Nine Times Time Travel - a guy has to die soon. He never confessed to the woman he loves and travel through time to confess and save his life 

Goddess of Fire - A girl wants to become a ceramist and has her childhood friends by her side. He loves her dearly but does not dare to confess his feelings

Operation Proposal - a guy missed out to confess to his best friend. At her wedding day, he travels back in time to all the moments he could have won her heart