I can't describe the feeling when watched it. But it feel calm and take a deep breath. 

Here is a list that I've watched.

  • Little forest
  • Pan to Bus to 2-dome no Hatsukoi
  • Pieta in the Toilet
  • Hannari Girori no Yoriko-san

I think it some kind of Ordinary life movie but any genre is fine. Thanks

A few movies that are slow paced and excellent

  • Late Autumn
  • The Long Excuse
  • A man and a woman

A recent drama that fits the bill:

  • Story of Ming Lan

I can make a few movie suggestions which will fit in with slice of life:

Sweet Bean

Door To Door

Wood Job


My Love, Don't Cross That River

The King of Masks

The Road Home

They are all engaging stories and worth the watch.

Some that I like and fit your criteria:

And two more that are slow-paced, both are excellent, but with strong undercurrent of sadness (might be calming and cathartic for some people, though):