Hey I'm looking for a drama or movie where "the main girl is having an affair with her friend's boyfriend" or something similar to that. It can be from any country. I watched a Thai movie, I think it was called "Pregnant with Best Friend's Boyfriend" or something I can't remember. Anyway, I'm looking for something similar.

Maybe Kdrama Autumn Shower. I haven't really watched this yet, but it's my plan to watch list since forever. But the other girl, who is the ML's husband and the FL's best friend, was into a coma. and I've read conflicting synopsis on whether an affair really happened or not between the two leads as they nursed and waited for the SFL.. 


When A Man Loves

Ah... and I just remembered 2 more, a movie and a minis special drama from Taiwan:

 Movie is a multi-cast/ensemble and multi plots story, movie titles is Love and it came out in 2012. the plot with the cheating on BFF with the other girl's Boyfriend is one with Ivy Chen as an introverted girl that had ONS with Eddie Peng who is Amber KOU'S boyfriend. I think she got accidentally pregnant. 

The 2nd one is a drama special title Love in Sandstorm. The story is also ensemble and multi-plot. The middle child (the parents have 3 chikdren) and only girl got drunk and accidentally had sex with the guy her best friend likes and kinda is dating. though the guy is just playing around with her best friend. I love this drama. Watched it last year, and definitely this is one of my faves... 

Thanks a lot all of you.