Looking for... Something like drama Long Goodbye . Historical mystery (or drama that's not all about romance) that doesn't focus on policemen going around and solving cases - it could be set in a police station or a detective agency but I want them to just... go out and hang out at a lounge, smoking cigs and looking cool from time to time. This is why dramas like My Roommate Is a Detective don't fit my criteria: they solve murders and there's not enough of just everyday life depicted.

I want the show/film to be/have:
+set between Late Qing Dynasty (or cultural equivalent for other countries - basically no samurais etc.) and, say 1960. Later periods allowed as long as the show is good. Preferably 1940-1960's.
+nice aesthetics - subdued colour palette with noir-ish vibes preferred
+jazzy or classical music

Could be both a modern film set in the past or a film released in 1960's, depicting a contemporary life in the 60's. I don't mind gore and adult content

Please, recommend me anything (even if you fear it doesn't meet my criteria closely) :)


Nothing? Not even something vaguely meeting my criteria?

Possibly something more like Winter Begonia then?

I managed to find a show that kind of fits the criteria: https://mydramalist.com/742645-tantei-romance

I can't say I loved it - I'm still waiting for recs from literally anyone! It's been a year :D


These are Republican Era mini mystery dramas:

  • On the Scent (minimal romance, the main character is a reporter, the other police, there is a police station setting but they also stay in houses and work on the streets)
  • Stand by Me (no romance, the MLs are spies/fighters, settings are a house, church, and restaurant)
  • The Embroidered Shoes (barely any romance, ML is a police officer but it's set in the country and focuses on everyday lives)
  • True Detective Mr. Qin (very slight to no romance, ML smokes)
  • Pro Detective (some romance, FL is a detective, ML a police officer)

These are Republican Era dramas that are centered around a mystery linked to the FL taking revenge. All of them have no detectives or police, are set mostly in houses, and focus more on their lives. All of them do have romance, though.

and these are not mysteries but have sort of an action theme, good aesthetics, and that setting

Up! Maybe something like the new Ripley then? Less mystery, more murder-y?