Who are you rooting for?


He's just too adorable and he loves Eun Bi a lot. Also he clearly knows what he's feeling and he is not avoiding it. I mean even his way to look at Eun Bi ist just so ..... They have so much chemistry. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND, EUN BI!!! PLS LOVE HIM!!! PLEASE!! He's always there for her and he was the first to accept her as Eun Bi. Plus he loooks rrrrreeaaallyy good with that black her, oh my god.

I ship Yi Ahn with Eun Byul since it was her he originally liked, sooooo .... don't waver okay? I do know that he started to like the new Eun Byul (Eun Bi) but his feelings were built upon the love he already had for Eun Byul the last 10 years, that's why I think it would be kind of weird if he just started to fall for her twin sister he practically knew for only a month or so.

I have yet to finish ep14 but my hope is still strong. 

I feel same as you do.^^ 
I'm team Tae Kwang too! I totally agree with you. They have a lot of chemistry, and I just love all the scenes they have together. It makes me happy to see them happy xD No but seriously. Tae Kwang loves her for her and he's always been there for her. SO they are just perfect for each other! ♥
I think Yi Ahn is best with Eun Byul, for the same reasons you said :)
Btw have fun watching ep 14 ^^
Tae Kwang all the wayyyyy!!!!!! I ship them so hard that it hurts. >.<
I really hope Tae Kwang and Eunbi end up together!! ><
Tae Kwang ♥ Eun Bi ^_^
Tae Kwang ♥ Eun Bi
#TeamTaeKwang FOR LIFE! No, but objectively speaking, putting my love for taekwang aside, yi an can't just "love" eun byul for so long and suddenly change his mind and like eun bi! It just shows how unstable and changeable his feelings are! I would choose tae kwang all the way because he's funny, handsome, cute, he deserves and needs love, you can see he truly cares and likes eun bi and for so many other reasons!!!
I want Eun Bi with Gong Tae Kwang so the drama would have a happy ending
TEAM YI AHN HAHAHAHAHAHA cause I want Tae Kwang for myself hehe. Jokes aside, I get that Tae Kwang really knows Eun Bi best and all but I think she has feelings for Yi Ahn. Poor Tae Kwang he's been through so much and adores Eun Bi. BUT I can't accept the reason of Tae Kwang living a tougher life than Yi Ahn as a reason why he should be with Eun Bi. I think the only reason why some people may think so is due to the fact that the writer portrays his character like that and we are able to see more of his life. Tbh, Yi Ahn is also having a hard time, his dad is old, struggles to make a living thus their poor living conditions and on top of that his mum died when he was younger. Yes he is an excellent swimmer but you also have to consider all the criticism he's faced and the stress. 
But seriously idk I just like Eun Bi and Yi Ahn together no matter how much I love Tae Kwang. :-)
I can't accept the reason of Tae Kwang living a tougher life than Yi Ahn as a reason why he should be with Eun Bi.

Only Hardship Yi an has is poverty. Money comes and goes in a way!! Yi an can earn and be happy. but in tae kwang's life There is no one behind him for him no one loves him too. no matter others say it is really hard to live like that! I adore Tae Kwang's character as much as hate Yi an's character xD
Tae Kwang, I watch this show just for this fictional character. Too bad he isn't real but Jungjae is doing such a good job!
So crazy about him since episode2, he's funny, crazy at first, then so charismatic, a bit gloomy, fearless, disrespectful, rude, lonely...So much scars but when he's not keeping people at arm length, open minded and warm!!! God when he looks at Eunbin!
Has someone notice that when he runs to find her (love that scene) and after the kiss, we can hear the song return, i believe, i believe...well i'm so going to believe in a happy ending for him...don't really understand the whole first lead or second and the rules in kdrama.
I'm just going to say that i love the sparks between TK and EB

eunbi for taekwang pleasepleasepleaseeeeeee

it would be hurt if taekwang got rejected three times -__-
Taekwang from the beginning to the end!!!!