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Activate Flag/Report function

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Hessa Volunteer Staff
I noticed recently users have been misusing the website: 

  1. Uploading personal photos in drama pages.
  2. Using languages other than English. Example:
  3. Being a spoiler (I was a Victim of that spoiler T.T) then fighting, example:
4. Spam, example:

There is nowhere to report this, so I wish for the flag/report function to be activated, so users can report this kind of activity, and it can be dealt with quickly. This could also help in the case of "Reviews before the drama/movie has aired" and "Reviews before watching all of the episodes".
Hessa Volunteer Staff
^^^ LOL! Nevertheless, you are a victim if someone ruin the ending for you.

Hessa Volunteer Staff
Things have got ridiculous with the review people post. E.g.

I hope really HOPE they will make a season 3 during 2015 or 2016 -.-
great drama just plz continue i want more seasons of this drama :)

Those are not reviews. No review should be just 1 sentence.
But Hessa! When i reported something u didn't give me ANY respond so idk how u did solved it!
I never know if u solve it anyway! :/
When i go to the same page i STILL see the issue there!
Hessa Volunteer Staff
That is what I'm saying, the report function doesn't work. Even if it shows a green rectangle with "Sucessful" written inside it, we staff don't have a place to review the submitted reportes.
YES!!!!....Please activate the Flag button..... many people don't know it doesn't work.... I used it for years and wondered why staff is not responding.
Ceki Volunteer Staff
Guys this needs to be done for reviews as well!! There are dozens of useless "reviews" full of spoilers that should be reported and deleted! 
NO 3.
OMG please, someone, do something about this. I don't think the flag button has any use these far.
many users posted spoilers at the drama page & when nicely told to use spoiler button, they asked you back which part of their post is a spoiler.
they need to be educated or warned of what they did.
I've tried to flag some post but nothing happens. the post is still there.
@ilovemassu, we will be launching the new version of the site in the next 2 months, and this essential feature is enabled in that version. Staff will be able to make flagged comments hidden as spoilers. 
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