Notification bug


It's been a while since I got this problem and it's starting to bother me a lot... 

So we got a message here, but without reading it my sister deleted it. Now, we still have the red dot and the notification, but we got no message, what can I do ?

And how can I send a screenshot ?

Thank you


Just for kicks, until @Ji-N responds,   log off of MDL and then log back in.  Often that gets rid of this kind of issue.   

You can upload a screenshot right here.  Save your screenshot to whatever host site you use to store and share photos,  then click on the pic icon in the toolbar here and put in the URL.   If you dont use a hosting site,  you can set up a free one at    It allows u to upload a pic and gives you a URL for it.   

Hope this helps

Thank you for your awnser.
Log off doesn't work :(

Thanks for the tip to upload image :D here the problem, still here :

Receiving a new message should remove it.

Yes Kyeon ! Thank you ! I received two messages from kind people, and I don't have the notification any longer !

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