When I try to access any of my lists I get this:

This list is private.

You can see this page because the URL you are accessing cannot be found.

What is going on?

The same for any of my private or public lists. Could you fix it, please? Thank you in advance.

I'm glad it's not my problem..

But still a problem nonetheless xD

I hope it gets fixed soon! :)

Hmm, I'm having that error on my only private list - all the public ones work. However, it looks like when I created a new custom list yesterday night, a phantom, empty duplicate of the list (named "Messy AF" - I know, sorry) was created that I can't open or delete because it seems to have no real link - can admins delete a phantom list for us?

My private lists are the ones that have the problem as well

I have the same issue as well.

with me the problem is that i can't add anything to my lists

Apparently, I have the same problem too 

We've been working on improving the list feature these days, so that's why this bug has popped up. We should have it fixed in a few hours.

My problem was fixed yesterday!

It works now, correct? 

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