Best KDrama Actress 2023

- Korean Female Actresses ONLY!

- The Actress must have at least 1 KDrama released and finished airing in 2023. It can also be added to this list if released in 2022 but finished airing in 2023.

- 6 votes per user (or less).

- The average MDL Popularity of the Actor does not matter.

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Meela Dec 29, 2023
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  • Shin Hye Sun

    1. Shin Hye Sun

    South Korean
    5,239 points by 53 voters
    Shin Hye Sun is a South Korean actor managed by YNK Entertainment (YNK 엔터테인먼트). Inspired by Won Bin’s performance in the drama “Autumn Tale,” Shin entered the Film Art program at Sejong ...more
  • Kim Tae Ri

    2. Kim Tae Ri

    South Korean
    4,166 points by 42 voters
    Kim Tae Ri is a South Korean model and actress managed by Management MMM. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Broadcasting from Kyunghee University. She was active in a ...more
  • Han Hyo Joo

    3. Han Hyo Joo

    South Korean
    3,860 points by 39 voters
    Han Hyo Joo is a South Korean actress under BH Entertainment. For the film "Cold Eyes" (감시자들, 2013). she won Best Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Han was first discovered ...more
  • Ahn Eun Jin

    4. Ahn Eun Jin

    South Korean
    3,719 points by 38 voters
    Ahn Eun Jin is a South Korean actress. She debuted with a musical in 2012 and continued to star in various other shows, such as the 'oksusu' drama "Number Woman Gye Sook ...more
  • Park Eun Bin

    5. Park Eun Bin

    South Korean
    3,628 points by 37 voters
    Park Eun Bin is a South Korean actress born in Seoul. She is managed by Namoo Actors. She debuted at the age of five and has acted in numerous television series as ...more
  • Go Youn Jung

    6. Go Youn Jung

    South Korean
    3,054 points by 31 voters
    Go Youn Jung is a South Korean actress and model under MAA management. She attended Seoul Woman's University to study Art. After she graduated from Seoul Woman's University with majoring in contemporary ...more
  • Song Hye Kyo

    7. Song Hye Kyo

    South Korean
    2,764 points by 28 voters
    Song Hye Kyo is a South Korean actress. In 1996, the 14-year-old Song, then a third-year junior high school student, won first place in the SunKyung Smart Model Contest, and she made ...more
  • Lee Sung Kyung

    8. Lee Sung Kyung

    South Korean
    2,762 points by 28 voters
    Lee Sung Kyung is a South Korean actress and model. She began her entertainment career as a model when she competed in the local Super Model Contest in 2008. Lee made her ...more
  • Park Bo Young

    9. Park Bo Young

    South Korean
    2,138 points by 22 voters
    Park Bo Young is a South Korean actress under BH Entertainment. She was born in Jeungpyeong, North Chungcheong, South Korea. She graduated from Dankook University's Department of Performing Arts with a major ...more
  • Im Yoon Ah

    10. Im Yoon Ah

    South Korean
    2,070 points by 21 voters
    Im Yoon Ah, commonly stylized as Yoona, is a popular South Korean pop singer, dancer, actress, model and spokesmodel. She is a member of the Korean girl group Girls' Generation and is ...more
  • Uhm Jung Hwa

    11. Uhm Jung Hwa

    South Korean
    1,369 points by 14 voters
    Uhm Jung Hwa is a South Korean Korean pop singer and actress under Saram Entertainment. Uhm began her career as a chorus member of MBC from 1987 To 1990. She made her ...more
  • Lee Se Young

    12. Lee Se Young

    South Korean
    1,364 points by 14 voters
    Lee Se Young is a South Korean actress managed by Prain TPC. She began her career as a child actress, starring in various movies and dramas such as Jewel in the Palace ...more
  • Yoo In Na

    13. Yoo In Na

    South Korean
    1,269 points by 13 voters
    Yoo In Na is a South Korean actress and DJ. At the age of 16, Yoo joined an entertainment agency as an apprentice singer in 1998 and nearly became part of a ...more
  • Seo Yea Ji

    14. Seo Yea Ji

    South Korean
    1,083 points by 11 voters
    Seo Yea Ji is a South Korean actress and model managed by Gold Medalist. In March 2013, she stepped into the entertainment industry by appearing in an advertisement for SK Telecom. She ...more
  • Kim Hae Sook

    15. Kim Hae Sook

    South Korean
    1,072 points by 11 voters
    Kim Hae Sook is a South Korean actor. In 1974, she made her acting debut was in MBC's "Chief Inspector." Since then, she has won over ten awards and has a book ...more
  • Shin Eun Soo

    16. Shin Eun Soo

    South Korean
    1,069 points by 11 voters
    Shin Eun Soo is an award-winning actor under npio Entertainment, a subsidiary of JYP Entertainment. She started in the entertainment industry as an idol trainee before making her acting debut as a ...more
  • Shin Sae Kyeong

    17. Shin Sae Kyeong

    South Korean
    978 points by 10 voters
    Shin Sae Kyeong is a South Korean actress, singer, and model represented by EDAM Entertainment. She made her entertainment debut at eight years old in 1998 when she was featured on the ...more
  • Park Min Young

    18. Park Min Young

    South Korean
    874 points by 9 voters
    Park Min Young is a South Korean actress managed by Hook Entertainment. In February 2013, she graduated from Dongguk University with a degree in theatre. She had her entertainment debut in an ...more
  • Jeon Yeo Been

    19. Jeon Yeo Been

    South Korean
    684 points by 7 voters
    Jeon Yeo Been, born in Gangneung, is a South Korean actress managed by management mmm. She debuted in the 2015 period movie “The Treacherous”. She went on to win widespread critical acclaim ...more
  • Son Ye Jin

    20. Son Ye Jin

    South Korean
    680 points by 7 voters
    Son Ye Jin is a South Korean actress under MSTeam Entertainment. She made her big-screen debut in the film Secret Tears in 2000. Her first leading role came a year later when ...more
  • Park So Dam

    21. Park So Dam

    South Korean
    594 points by 6 voters
    Park So Dam is a South Korean actress under Artist Company . She graduated from the Korea National University of Arts with a degree in acting. So Dam began her acting career ...more
  • Nana

    22. Nana

    South Korean
    488 points by 5 voters
    Nana is a South Korean model, actress, and former member of the K-Pop group, After School under PLEDIS Entertainment. She is also a former member of A.S Red and Orange Caramel (After ...more
  • Kim Se Jeong

    23. Kim Se Jeong

    South Korean
    487 points by 5 voters
    Kim Se Jeong is a South Korean singer signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. She is best known for finishing second in Mnet's K-pop girl group survival show Produce 101. She is one of ...more
  • Kim Ok Bin

    24. Kim Ok Bin

    South Korean
    486 points by 5 voters
    Kim Ok Bin is a South Korean actress. She made her debut in an online beauty contest in 2004 and began her acting career with a role in the 2005 film Voice. ...more
  • Kim So Yeon

    25. Kim So Yeon

    South Korean
    480 points by 5 voters
    Kim So Yeon is a South Korean actress under J,Wide-Company. She is best known for her starring role in the television series All About Eve and Iris. As of 2005 she performed ...more
  • Jung Yoo Min

    26. Jung Yoo Min

    South Korean
    294 points by 3 voters
    Jung Yoo Min is a South Korean actress. She received her education at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. (Source: DramaWiki)
  • Yeom Hye Ran

    27. Yeom Hye Ran

    South Korean
    294 points by 3 voters
    Yeom Hye Ran is a South Korean actress. Yeom began her career in theater in 1999 and made her screen debut in 2003. She has since played supporting roles in film and ...more
  • Jeon Do Yeon

    28. Jeon Do Yeon

    South Korean
    289 points by 3 voters
    Jeon Do Yeon is a South Korean actress. She has won many awards in her career, including the best actress at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival for her portrayal of a broken ...more
  • Bae Suzy

    29. Bae Suzy

    South Korean
    198 points by 2 voters
    Bae Su Ji, also known as Bae Suzy, is a South Korean singer, actress, model, and MC. Before debuting, she was an online shopping model. She debuted in the Chinese-Korean girl group ...more
  • Jun Ji Hyun

    30. Jun Ji Hyun

    South Korean
    197 points by 2 voters
    Jun Ji Hyun is a South Korean actress under Culture Depot. She made her film debut in "White Valentine" (화이트 발렌타인) in 1999. Her childhood dream was to become a flight attendant, ...more
  • Im Se Mi

    31. Im Se Mi

    South Korean
    194 points by 2 voters
    Im Se Mi is a South Korean actress who made her acting debut in the 2005 television series “Sharp 2.” She has since appeared in many popular television dramas, including “Heartstrings” (2011), ...more
  • IU

    32. IU

    South Korean
    99 points by 1 voters
    Lee Ji Eun, better known by her stage name IU, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor under EDAM Entertainment. Her stage name is derived from the phrase "I and You," symbolizing ...more
  • Lee Da Hee

    33. Lee Da Hee

    South Korean
    98 points by 1 voters
    Lee Da-Hee is a South Korean model, singer, television, and film actress under Huayi Brothers. At the age of 17, Lee Da-Hee became a finalist in the 2002 Super Elite Model Contest. ...more
  • Jung So Min

    34. Jung So Min

    South Korean
    0 points by 0 voters
    Jung So Min, born Kim Yoon Ji, is a South Korean actress under Blossom Entertainment. Jung took a short break in 2011 to concentrate on her studies at the Korea National University ...more

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