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Psychology/Crime Dramas of 2017
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Top Psychology/Crime Dramas of 2017

Physical Strong Woman Dramas of 2017
2 0

2017 is the year of main female leads being physically strong due to genetics, fantasy powers, etc.

Korean Webdramas
12 0

Web dramas usually also have a lower production cost because they go straight online, and may look less polished than traditional dramas, which…

Incest Dramas/Movies
1 0

Incest-sexual relations between people classed as being too closely related to marry each other A genre that happens mostly in historical dramas.

Drama Remakes-2016
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Drama Remakes from Previous Older Dramas

Taboo Romances Dramas/Films
2 0

Romances that are taboo in South Korea, Japan, other Asian countries and generally not well-liked by the population

Eccentric Male/Female Leads
1 0

Strange/weird behavior, oddball personalities, antisocial geniuses, special obsessions