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Interview with Sofia from K-Drama Addiction Therapy
Interviews - Jan 2, 2017

AmandaMarta interviews the creator of They also go over the latest podcast: Goblin, Weightlifting Fairy, Romantic Doctor & Princess Wei Young...

MDL Makes its First Move to Instagram
MDL News - Dec 1, 2016

Back to Ancient Times when we started Facebook...then, to the Current Era, where we're adding Instagram to our list.

2016: Asian Drama Trends Year of......
Editorials - Nov 12, 2016

Every once in a while, there seems to be a new trend going on. AmandaMarta has you covered by listing the hottest 2016 Asian Drama Trends along with notable historical trends.

A Stalker's Guide to Kim Woo Bin
Editorials - Dec 5, 2013

Have you caught the Kim Woo Bin wave yet? Writer AmandaMarta takes you on the journey on how this eye candy stole her heart and many others along the way.

Gangnam District
Editorials - Jul 11, 2013

AmandaMarta introduces you to Gangnam District, aka the 'Beverly Hills of South Korea'

The Origin of the Flower Boy Trend
Editorials - Apr 21, 2013

An in depth look of the 'Flower Boy' trend, from the past to the present.